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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: First Date (Uriel & Melanie)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Mark discuss issues while Melanie shows up, and now Uriel has decided to ask her on a date. What will happen?!
We were wondering around the rainforest. We just finished battling and it was a tied between Medicham and Magmar. We decided to sit down and relax. "Hey, I know you well, and I wanted to get something clear" Mark told me. "Yes, what's wrong" I said. "Do you like Melanie" he said. "I-I--" I didn't finish. "I know you do, cause the way you look at her" Mark said. "Besides, she also likes you back, she, herself, told me so" Mark said. "Really" I asked. "Yes, I'm sure of it, you should ask her out in the newest 'fancy' restaurant in Tree City that just opened a few days ago" Mark said. "How do you know that" I asked. "I have researching to help you" Mark said. "Thanks, friend" I said. We headed back to Maul City and began shopping for The First Date. "Hey guys" Melanie showed up. "Hey, wanna eat tonight at Tree City's Pine Restaurant" I asked. "Sure, I'll meet you there at 7pm" she said leaving happily. "YES" I screamed after she left. "Ready" Mark asked. "Ready" I confirmed.

7:00 PM

I made it to Pine Restaurant and chose a great seat. I then decided to wait for Melanie, but when she came through that door, I wasn't disappointed. She had a beautiful pink dress and bow on her hair, she had black heels. "Hey, you look beautiful" I said. "Thanks, but don't you look as handsome as ever" she said. We sat down and ordered food. We talk and talk and then. "May, I add your number" I asked. "Sure" she answer. We resgistered each other numbers. "Hey, I got to tell you something" Melanie said. "But let's go outside" she said. We went to the balcony where, "I'm confessing that I really like" Melanie said. "Know what, I like you too" I said happy. "But, aren't we-" I cut her off when I kissed her under the bright shiny moon. "What was that" Melanie said. "I, just needed to get that off my system" I said. We headed to the Pokémon Center after dinner and decided to rest for tomorrow...