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Sunville Adventures: First Caught Pokemon! Part 2

by XenoRed

XenoRed Here is part 2 of Sunville adventures!
Enjoy! :D
Rob- Okay! Here is the area where you two will have a pokemon battle!
Phillip- Yes! Im going to show you my skills!
Me- Well, I have the advantage. I have Bulbasaur, and you have Squirtle.
Phillip- You have a point, but you never know who is gonna win! Lets start, go Squirtle!
Me- Go Bulbasaur!
Phillip- Squirtle, use water gun!
Me- Bulbasaur, dodge it!
Bulbasaur- ?
Me- No! You didn't dodge it! Use vine whip!
Phillip- Squirtle, water gun again!
The battle area fills whit smoke.
Rob- Who won?
Me- Nooo! Bulbasaur!
Phillip- Nooo! Squirtle!
Rob- I guess its a tie!
Me- That was fun
Phillip- Yeah, but I have to go, bye.
Couple of hours later.....
Me- Wow! Is that a Pidgeotto?! I have to catch it! Go, Bulbasaur!
Pidgeotto gets mad
Me- Use vine whip!
Bulbasaur- Bulbaaa!
Pidgeotto falls down, but quickly uses gust.
Bulbasaur almost fainted due to disadvantage.
Me- Im going to throw my pokeball now! Yes! I caught Pidgeotto, the vine whip was strong!
???- Impressive, we see you caught a pokemon we wanted.
Me- Who are you?
???- We are Team Imperial, the strongest villains on the world!
Me- You don't seem strong.
Team Imperial- How can you say that?! We have to settle this with a battle!
Me- Um, my pokemon aren't fully healed.
Team Imperial- I don't care! You should fight us now!
Me- Maybe some other time.
Team Imperial- There is no other time! Fight us now!
Pidgeotto gets out of the pokeball and scares Team Imperial away.
Me- Good job Pidgeotto!
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