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Firox's Relatives

by Firox

Firox Relatives.jpg
Firox a drawing I made for a 'fan-fic' style comic I'm going to try to write and draw on my Deviant Art, just kind of giving a 'backstory' on how all the Eevees relate to Firox

so each:
  • Vaporeon - F - name: Vay - related to Firox: Mother
  • Eevee - M - name: Ethan - related to Firox: adoptive son
  • Eevee - F - name: Fiona - related to Firox: adoptive daugher
  • Flareon - F - name: Flower - related to Firox: closes I can think of 'partner/mate'
  • Umbreon - M - name: Arval - related to Firox: oldest brother
  • Espeon - M - name: Jyo - related to Firox: younger brother
  • Syvleon - F - name: Sherrie - related to Firox: older sister
  • Leafeon - F - name: Linette - related to Firox: youngest sister
  • Jolteon - M - name: Thrizen - related to Firox: cousin
  • Glaceon - F - name: Ginelle - related to Firox: cousin

in the art:

top left:
  • Vay: "Firox, did you put away the blanket?"
  • Firox: "yes mom"

top right:
  • Flower: "looks like that tail needs some brushing"
  • Ethan: "hey that ticklez"
  • Firox: *trying to hold still, tickle belly fur*
  • Fi: "can I help brush yours mom?"

bottom left:
  • Jyo: "mane is so cozy, how do you keep it that way?"
  • Arval: "I thought I seen a challenger"
  • Sherrie: "yep, Firox does have one of fluffiest tails around"
  • Linette: "Fluffy!!"
  • Firox * why me? *

bottom right:
  • Thrizen: "mmmfffmmmfff" (tastes like cheesecake)
  • Ginelle: *painting claws* "pink looks good on you"
  • Firox: "Helpz Me!!"
  1. Toast the flareon
    Jul 15, 2018