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FireRed Nuzlocke Chapter 2

by Meggie Poo

Meggie Poo Brianne catches 8 Pokemon and 1 dies. RIP. Ryan the Rattata. She finds 3 shiny Pokemon and catches them. Lucky! Jigglypuff Willow, Nora Nidoran female and Clara Clefairy. She wins her 1st badge.
Brianne and Charlotte left the house at 12:30 pm after eating lunch.
Brianne and Charlotte walked to Viridian City.
At 12:55 pm they came back with a package and gave it to Professor Oak. Professor Oak gave Brianne 5 Pokeballs to catch Pokemon and a Pokedex.
Charlotte is at Lv 9.
Her moves are Scratch,Growl and Ember.
Brianne called Charlie back to her Pokeball and she left the lab.
Brianne raced out to Route 1 with a empty Pokeball all in her left hand and she found a Lv 4 male Rattata.
Brianne captured the Pokémon and she nicknamed him Ryan.
Bold Nature.
Brianne grinded them up to Lv 11.
Brianne went to Route 22 and she captured Paige the Brave Nature female Mankey Lv 5.
Brianne defeated her rival Preston for a 2nd time and she got more $.
Brianne entered Route 2 South and she caught a Lv 5 female Weedle Bailey.
Hasty Nature.
Brianne entered the Viridian Forest and she captured Reina the female Lv 5 Pikachu.
Timid Nature.
Brianne got out of the Forest and she captured Payton the Lv 5 female Lonely Pidgey.
Brianne grinded them up to Lv 16.
Charlotte evolved to Charmeleon and Bailey evolved to a Beedrill.
Brianne beat Gym Leader Brock with Paige and she got the Boulder Badge.
Brianne boxed Bailey after she got the Pokémon healed.
Brianne got the Running Shoes from the Professor's Aide and she raced out to Route 3.
Brianne jumped down the ledge after defeating 4 trainers and she walked over to Youngster Calvin.
Calvin:"You’re not wearing shorts!" "They’re comfy!"
He said.
Calvin:"Let's battle!" "Go Spearow!"
He said.
Brianne:"Go Ryan!" "Use Hyper Fang!"
She said.
Ryan is at 34/41 HP.
Green Zone.
Calvin:"Use Fury Attack!"
He said.
Fury Attack hit Ryan one time and his HP went down 14 points.
20/41 HP.
Fury Attack hit Ryan twice and he went down to 10 HP.
It hit Ryan 3 times and his HP went down to 0.
A critical hit!
Ryan has fainted!
Ryan is dead!
Brianne:"Ryan!" “Please get up!”
She said.
Brianne realized that her Pokémon had died and she burst into tears.
Brianne:”You meanie!" "He’s dead!" "I'm doing the Nuzlocke!"
She said.
Calvin:"I'm so sorry!" "I didn't know!"
He said.
Brianne:"Sorry is not going to bring him back!"
She said.
Brianne:"Ryan was my first catch!" "He was my best friend."
She said.
Calvin:"I’ll help you to bury Ryan.”
He said.
Brianne:"Thank you."
She said.
Brianne grabbed Reina's Pokeball from her belt and she tossed it.
Reina looked up at Brianne and she saw her crying.
Reina was really confused and she tilted the head.
Reina:"Brianne why are you crying?"
She asked.
Brianne:"Spearow killed Ryan with a critical hit Fury Attack!" "3 times."
She said.
Reina:"You jerk!" "Ryan was one of my best friends!"
She said.
She shouted angrily.
Spearow fainted and he didn’t die!
Brianne defeated all 3 of the trainers.
Calvin raced over to the grass and he helped Brianne to bury Ryan.
Calvin put flowers on the grave and he left.
Brianne:"I am so sorry Ryan."
She said.
A female Nidoran shiny Level 6 Calm Nature walked up to Brianne.
Nora:"Miss I am so sorry for your loss." "My name is Nora."
She said.
Nora:"Can I join you?" "I can evolve into the Ground and Poison Type Nidoqueen."
She said.
Nora:“After Misty the next Gym Leader is defeated you need to have a Ground Type Pokemon.”
She said.
Nora:”It’s to defeat Lt. Surge the 3rd Gym Leader."
She said:
Nora:"I can help you to defeat the fourth gym."
She said.
Brianne looked down and she saw the shiny female Nidoran.
Brianne:"Oh my gosh!" "My first Shiny Pokemon!"
Ash’s said.
Brianne:"I’ve got to tell my mother and Professor Oak!"
She said.
Brianne pulled out an empty Pokeball from the backpack and she captured her.
Brianne raced to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City and she healed everyone up.
Brianne boxed her Nidoran Nora and she left the Pokémon Center.
She raced out to Route 4 after talking with her mother and Professor Oak. They were shocked that she ran into a shiny and caught it.
A shiny female Level 7 Naive Nature Jigglypuff walked over to her. Willow:"Hello miss." "I saw you capturing the shiny female Nidoran.”
She said.
Willow:"Can I come with you?" "My name is Willow."
She said.
Willow:"I’m so sorry for you loss."
She said.
Brianne:"Oh my gosh!" "My 2nd Shiny Pokemon!"
She said.
Brianne:"I’ve got to tell my mother and Professor Oak again!"
She said.
Brianne pulled out a Pokeball and she captured her.
Brianne raced into Mount Moon and she saw a shiny female Lv 8.
Timid Nature.
She’s being chased by a Lv 10 female Naughty Nature nonshiny Zubat.
Brianne:"Oh my gosh!" "I found another Shiny Pokemon!"
She said.
Brianne:"I’ve got to tell my mother and Professor Oak again.”
She said.
Brianne:”Right after I catch her."
She said.
Brianne:"I’m really lucky today!"
She said.
Brianne:”Leave her alone you big bully!"
She shouted angrily.
Zubat:"Why should I?" "I'm not a shiny Pokemon like her."
She said.
Clara:"Help me miss!" "I’m scared!"
She said:
Clara:"I want my mommy and daddy!"
She said.
Brianne:"I’ll help you out."
She said.
Brianne grabbed Reina's Pokeball from her belt and she tossed it.
Reina yawned and she looked up at her trainer.
Reina:"I was napping Brianne!"
She said:
Reina:”What do you want?"
She asked.
Brianne:"Reina use Thundershock on that Zubat!"
She said.
Brianne:”Zubat is picking on that Shiny Clefairy due to her coloring.”
She said.
Brianne:"I’m going to catch her."
She said.
Reina got a critical hit and she knocked out the Zubat.
Brianne pulled out a Pokeball from her bag and she tossed it at the shiny female Clefairy.
It shook 3 times and clicked.
Reina:"We’ve got another teammate!" "I'm so happy!"
She said.
Brianne:"I'm so happy."
She said.
Brianne recalled
Brianne raced into the Pokemon Center and she healed everyone up.
She called her mother and Professor Oak.
They were shocked that she caught more shiny Pokemon.
It’s 3:30 pm.
Six hours later.
It’s 9:30 pm.
Brianne:"Let's go to bed girls.”
She said.
Brianne:”First thing in the morning we’ll head out to Cerulean City."
She said.
All six girls agreed.
  1. Meggie Poo
    Meggie Poo
    Please love this! 3 shiny Pokemon in one day! Brianne is on a roll!
    Mar 26, 2016