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(A White as the Snow.Red as the Flames): Fire Scorched(A White as the Snow.Red as the Flames)

by Leafy the Leafeon

Leafy the Leafeon Introduction into one of the books I've started writing. Once I find a good publisher I'll get this up into a book hopefully. Well let me know how this is.
A small group of guys crowded around the medium sized circle.One stepped away from the others.A dagger dangling loosely in his hand."Crevan"drawled a deeper voice"If this dose work and those evil scum sucking demons show up I'm killing each and every one of them." came a harsh snarl of another male.

Crevan felt his own lips pull back into a half snarl."We got that part Jagger."he replied,glad for the darkness of the woods.Even though all of them had been friends for years problems always came about. Shaking his head , Crevan took direct center of his friends.His pale orange hair catching in the moonlight that flittered through the branches , turning it a silvery shade. Pocketing the dagger Crevan looked over at his friends."Alright, Alec I know you 'Dislike' demons as much as Jagger. but we need the book."he said turning to look at the male with spiked blonde hair.A frown was on the other boy's face.-I know we'd hit a road block here-

"First of all I believe we all know know, I dislike them more then Jagger."Alec stated after glaring at the circle.Sighing he pulled a small book from his back pocket.Smiling Crevan stepped over to his friend.As he reached out to take it Alec stepped back slightly."Why doesn't he just use Justin's ability to go there."Crevan shook his head in aggravation.Just as he was ready to explain,Jagger stormed over from his side of the circle and grapped on to Alec's shirt.The dark haired boy shoved his face into Alec's."Because I won't make him go down there more then he has too.The other reason is because down there I have limited time."Jagger practically growled ,jerking Alec after each sentence."Up here..They can't do anything but help." he finshed and released the other boy."Now be a good lap pup and help."

Crevan smacked Jagger on the back of his skull."Thank you,Asshole for your lasp of restrain."he half mused A part of him silently encouraged Jagger to do other means.Turning his attention to Alec, he sighed "Sorry.You know how he gets with his search.....Alec as a friend do you trust me?"He ask looking into the spring green eyes.Alec sighed and placed the book in Crevan's open palm."As a friend I'll stand beside your stupid judgement."he laughed punching the ginger's arm. Mocking a wince, Crevan looked down at the golden book. Already fears began to race through his mind."Everyone in place?" he asked glancing up at the small group."Everyone but you jackass!"shouted a voice on the other side of the circle .Good natured chuckles followed the shout.

Shaking his head, Crevan returned to the center. Alec stood to the left of him well Jagger flanked his right."-No more stalling- Taking a deep breath, he flipped the book to the right page."Alright guys - do excalty as I do."Crevan said the slight breeze picking up and carrying his voice.Closing his eyes, the ginger pulled the traditional dagger out and neatly slit his wrist. A few moments later soft grunts echoed his.Letting his eyes open, Crevan stared at the circle he had cut."Give it a moment."Alec mumbled holding his wrist to the ground. Biting back a snort Crevan let the feeling of heat rushing to the wound blank out his mind.

The flames licked at the demoness bare feet as she crossed the ember stone path that twisted and turned .The overly-warm air slammed into the demoness's bare shoulders.Exotic tattoos dressed her arms and raced around her neck.Auburn hair twisted in the wind as she finally heard other footsteps behind her."Kyra- somethings going on close to our meeting center."Came an enchanting voice that was so beautiful, the other demoness had to catch herself."Then round up the others,we'll check ot out."Kyra said slowly turning around.Her aqua-blue eyes stilted slightly as she looked at her friend. "I meant now Faith."The other demoness stuck her tongue out and darted away.Rolling her eyes at the childish jester ,Kyra glanced down at her shirt. The fire shimmered and came to rest just above her stomach.

Letting her arms hang loosely by her side, Kyra unfolded her wings.A variety of flaming red feathers shot out disrupting the air once more.Smirking the demoness kicked off the ground and followed the path her friend had taken. As the images of Hell blurred together below her , Kyra began to let her mind wander could a human have been stupid enough to try and free them? Since her and the other seven were Demon "Lords" she doubted they would be called.But if it wasn't that .... then why hadn't the rest of fucking hell remain silent.- For all that's unholy this is our chance!- a grin broke over her lips as she landed in the center of her friends."Pardy, Areth when did it open?"She asked just as her feet hit the ground sending fire up from the ground a bit.

Pardy circled the group restlessly and had snapped her eyes to their group leader."Nine hours ago."she replied glancing at the pure silver light."Are we going too?"She asked Kyra an underling excitement coursing through her words. There had been a slight scent of blood wafting down which was driving her nuts. Kyra let a sadistic laugh out and stepped forward, to the silver light circle."If we don't check it out. then we might as well write a sigh saying 'We are pathetic demons' and just die.Let's go girls...There's a party upstairs"She mused slipping into the circle. A gasp ripped free from her as she was yanked up.She faintly heard the dismay and cries of her friends before she slammed into something solid.-What did I just get us into...-

Crevan jumped back as the summoning circle lit up like a bon-fire.Several loud thumps followed as what seemed to be months before the summoning circle dimmed down."Shit!"Jagger muttered as the images came into focus.Eight very fine women were crumpled on the ground.Each looking like they had gone through a wind storm. The male fox stirred in Crevan as his eyes lingered on one girl."Are they human?"asked Michael stepping forward. "No!!"Alec and Jagger hollered at the speaker. Crevan laughed darkly."We got our demons."And as it was their guest were waking up.The girl that had drawn his eyes sat up and blurry looked around."You- eight males callled us?" she asked sitting up straighter. Crevan's gut tightened as her voice hit his ears.-Sexy- It was slightly husky with a gental rasp. Not unlike himself the others seemed captived to the beauty in the ring. The one that spoke shot to her feet and faster then Crevan could blink had wings of fire spread , half the length that they could go which hid hid the other girls.Her aqua -blue eyes held a rage.

"I know that look boy.We aren't sex toys for your desires."Kyra hissed her wings burning."What do you want?" The one boy was openly glaring at her was beginning to piss her off.Along with the fact there was an Angel. Snarling Kyra shot forward her wings folding behind her and she froze right in front of him. Crevan blinked as everything spun out of control. The girl only stopped because of the sparks flying from the summoning circle.Already the barrier that had been invisible shimmered and cracked a little. He had to give Alec credit. He never flinched as the demoness flew at him. Instead he let his own pure white wings come out. "Well well well, If we didn't summon Hell's Angel herself."Alec snickered looking at her."We need you to track and rely information to us."

"No- Hell no you sad excuse for a creature!"She hissed arching back as her friends bared their teeth at the boy.The angel narrowed his eyes and glanced at the others ."We summoned Demon Lords boys."How about we allowed them a freedom two weeks every two months."he drawled. Not showing that he had heard her Alec continued,"Give us your calling cards demonesses." Kyra ground her teeth and looked at her companies."....Fine Hell's Siren, Rina ,Fros,Thea,Shar,Par, and Me Hell's Angel."She snarled as the power pulled down releasing them"Go fuck yourselves up the ass Boys!"