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Fire Eagle: Fire Eagle

by Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle Part 3.
Yo whats up? last time we found out about the frenzied falcons and kicked they're butts! A now we are bored. No seriously we can't find a single thing to do at all. I mean it's extremely boring n- (CRASH!) WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!? THERE'S A HOLE IN THE WALL! THERE'S Gas... (6 hours later) OK well that was weird umm, what happened and WHERE ARE WE EXACTLY!? Aura Eagle > "I don't know." Well if there's one thing I know it's that I have never been here before. (All look at Fire Eagle) What I'm serious I have never been here. ??? > "You're in the training room" Electric eagle "WHO'S THERE!?" Light Eagle > "I, am Light Eagle and this is my domain" why did you bring us here!? Light Eagle > "Because you were all sloppy on the battle field and I have decided to give you the opportunity to train in the ancient martial art, The way of the Eagle, in order to enhance your combat skills" Nature Eagle > "The way of the Eagle? I don't know it seems kinda, cheesy." We accept! Nature, Electric, Water, and Aura Eagle > "WHAT!?" huddle up. (All huddle) Guys we gotta at least see if this is legit or not. Water Eagle > "But what if she is lying? we can't just trust someone we just met." You all trusted me with this whole hero group thing so we should at least try and get better at it so who's with me? All Eagles > "we're in" (All exit huddle) We have decided to accept your generous offer. (Door opens) Light Eagle > "Your training starts tomorrow. And DON'T, be late!"