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Fire Eagle: Fire Eagle

by Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle the prolog.
My name is Joaquim ( Wakeem ) Branch and things got a bit weird today. I was leaving school as usual when I saw this guy in a hat following me. I decided to rush into my house and quickly and securely lock all the windows and doors. I then went to my room. I flicked through the channels then I saw a news channel with the cops failing to catch a robber. I wished I could help but they wouldn't let me because of what happened last time (I kinda wrecked the neighborhood using parkour but I still caught him.) so that wasn't an option. Then I heard a knock on the door. I went and checked the door but nothing was there and so I walked backed up and got surprised by a box. Inside there was a note and a orange feather. The note said, "If you hold the feather then you will have the ability to help." and so I held the feather and it melted in my hand. Then, right after it melted and disaperd in my hand, I started to heat up the temperature of everything around me was the same but I was the the warmest thing on earth (TOASTY!) and then it went back to normal. Then orange feathers started sprouting from me. The ones on my arms were different though. They were sharper and red. My legs had changed to talons and my mouth turned into a beak and then I was somehow teleported outside (luckily my window was open from the box) and then I had became FIRE. I then went back to normal but when I was that thing I looked like some type of orange, fiery, humanoid, eagle. And so I had dubed myself, FIRE EAGLE.
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  1. Fire Eagle
    Fire Eagle
    what should I do for part 2?
    Jun 22, 2015
  2. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    *claps *
    Jun 21, 2015