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"Fire alone..."

by NightRaven

NightRaven Well, here we go; a drawing that is actually shaded (probably) properly. (That left eye though.) Of course, I did one of the most popular (if not the most popular) prophecy in the series; “Fire alone will save the Clan” (I may have gotten it wrong...I can't really remember XD )
I'll be honest, this character, Firestar, is one of my least favorites for quite a few reasons, a few examples:
•Being extremely over-powered (most of the time, characters agree with him, he seems to change pretty much anything, etc. etc.- a Gary Sue [had I gotten it wrong?] type character)
• Becoming leader in the first series in which he appears (Yeah, I know, Bluestar was already a bit weakened at the time, but, seriously; it takes a while for a character to become even deputy [as in a few books], but leader within five books.)
I also kind of dislike him for being a bit "too much of a hero"...yeah, that sounds a lot like just nitpicking...
But, I think he's an alright character overall; A giant impact on the series and (probably not even the puprose of him, just something that I see) kind of showing that being different isn't ever a bad thing.

Enough of the explanation, here we have something I actually took the time to work on. Wow. That's a first XD