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Pokemon OCs: Finley Calder

by limniris

Name: Finley Calder
Gender: Agender (they/them)
Age: 17
Hair: Wavy dark blue-green hair in need of a trim, typically brushed up and to the side. Saltwater has made their hair texture somewhat dry, without sheen to it.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9" (±175cm)
Weight: 151 lbs (±68kg)
Appearance: Finley is surprisingly fit for someone their age; a requirement and result of their diving hobby. They usually wear a washed out denim jacket with a white t-shirt, and mid-length pale blue jean shorts. They have a black and navy wetsuit they use when diving. On the road, they carry their belongings in a cyan backpack that has a pin from the Mossdeep Exploration Museum.
Hometown: Mossdeep City
Pokémon: Chinchou (female, nicknamed Lucy)
Short Bio: Finley grew up in Mossdeep, and prior to now hasn't had a chance to go further than the water routes surrounding the city. Their father holds a position as a researcher at the Space Center, but-- much to his displeasure-- Finley has no interest in continuing his work. The debut of the Mossdeep Exploration Museum when they were young ensured that. Finley's interest lies in discovery, and not the space kind. In a surprisingly rebellious act for them, they learned how to dive, and became quite good at it. Their Chinchou, Lucy, was caught on one of their early miniature expeditions, and has stayed by their side since.
Finley is very well-suited for the lax island life, their one passion aside. They're easy-going and reasonably sociable, with a more casual approach to adventure. It's very uncommon that something actually gets on their nerves. They have a very gentle approach to life-- take everything one step at a time, and don't sweat the small stuff. It can be somewhat difficult to get them to take strong interest in anything unrelated to exploration, which is the main reason for their journey; they want to see more of the world, and don't have any set goals (yet).

You know, for someone who's got gender dysphoria, I'm not very good about frequently making characters that I actually relate to. Finley can be considered an attempt at that. And at making a water-type trainer who actually has a personality haha stares at Vivianne and Colette

I took some insp from B2W2 protag Nate for their outfit-- emphasis on some, since I ended up looking at Levi's women's shorts modelers for that beach feel. Hence the jean jacket and jorts. :p They might be the first remotely-muscular OC I've ever done. My friend complained that Finley was too much of a jock when I was reviewing their bio, but let's face it-- I never make jock OCs, so it's fine this one time! And they aren't even that much of a jock; they have colorful hair and a fashionable outfit, would a jock be like that?!

I kid, I kid. Overall, I think Finley is one of my better recent OCs, minor nitpicks aside. I was hesitant about giving them blue eyes due to the already-Mary-Sue hair color, but it would suit them better... I like designing character aesthetics too much for someone who doesn't know how to draw and doesn't intend to learn. Add to that that masculine hair styles have so few well-known descriptive words, and Finley ends up kind of frustrating me! I think I gave them enough room for character growth... maybe too much?

Maybe one day I'll change that little gender thing on my profile. (Forever bless this site's creators for making it a text box and not two buttons.) In the meantime, Finley will stay here unless I someday revamp them and explain what I was going for with their personality better. Au revoir, lazy jock adventurer...
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