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How I Met My Pokemon: Finding my Lu-Lu

by Cassidy Chuch

Cassidy Chuch This is basically just an in depth, detailed story of how Cassidy Chuch (Me) came to meet her pokemon!
Waking up on my 10th Birthday was a delight! I hopped out of bed, quickly got dressed in my traditional Pikachu Dress. I wanted to be the first Chuch to own a Fire type Pokemon!. I was going to befriend all Pokemon! Racing down the hallway, I sped down the stairs. Going into the kitchen, I could hear the distant noise of a Pikachu and Raichu playing in the yard. I opened the door. I could hardly believe I was 10! The air seemed fresher and the Grass Greener. Slipping on some shoes and my Helmet, I got onto my bike and sped off to Professor Sycamore's Lab. Waiting at the gate I was greeted by strangers my age. Professor Sycamore came out with a suitcase. Opening the suitcase he picked 3 of us to choose first. I didn't see a Pikachu Pokeball. I started to panic abit. Professor Sycamore looked Impatient! Reaching out my hand I grabbed the middle one. Professor Sycamore handed me a Pokedex and I was off. I went to the bridge and held my new Pokeball. There was a Pokemon inside it. Behind me there is a rustle in the tall grass. I turn around and nothing is there. I was about to throw my Pokeball and let the Pokemon out when I heard a whimper. It came from behind me. I stood up and Ventured into the tall grass, scanning through it, looking for the origin of the whimper. At last, I found a Small little Riolu. I picked him up. He didn't try to fight, he was injured. Walking cautiously home, I held an Occupied Pokeball in my right and a hurt Riolu in my left. It was still early in the morning, so my Dad wasn't up yet. I put the Pokeball in my pocket and opened the door. I put the Riolu on the sofa in the Family room and I ran into my Dad's room. I quietly made my way into his Pokemon Wardrobe. On the door there were Hyper Potions and Bandages. I took one of each. I was about to go back down, when I found a PokeBelt to store Pokeballs. I took it with me and went back downstairs. I had Riolu drink the Potion and I Bandaged a spot on his Arm. After all of that, I took him back to the Bridge and went home. At noon I was playing with my Dad's Pichu when the Riolu appeared in the Courtyard. I could tell it was the same one because the bandage was still on his arm. He walked to me and sat down. I sat down too. The Riolu appeared to be smiling! I smiled back and said "Can I call you Lu-Lu?"