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Fim Town - Route 1 - Hichimato City

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young This is part one of many stories in this new series were three young trainers set off on thier first great adventure. This shows thier adventure past route 1.
One day, it was the day, the best day a young trainer could have, getting thier first pokemon. In the old hidden city of Fim, The three trainers, Dayton, Chelsea, and Damien all wake up ready for thier first pokemon. The first one thier will get the first pick, so each rushed off. The ending results were though ...

Dayton = Charmander
Chelsea = Squirtal
Damien = Bulbasaur

They set off for route one in the region of ainavlysnnep(Ainavly for short). The majestic Forest surounded them, with many pokemon to catch. Dayton battled, and caught a Caterpie, while Chelsea caught a Skitty. Damien first took a Oran Barrie from a tree, and ate it, before Battleing a Weedle, and caught it. Dayton went to the next town, Hichimato City, getting ready for thier first trainer battle. Damien decides to takes some more berries, and puts them in his bag, while Chelsea looks for another pokemon, and she just happens to find a Putchiana. Her Squirtal fainted, and her Skitty was to weak to battle, so she gave up, and went to the pokemon center in the next town. Damien finished picking the Oran berries, and followed.

*End Results*
Dayton = Charmander, Caterpie
Chelsea = Squirtal, Skitty
Damien = Bulbasaur, Weedle