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filler posts- kayladax’s daiki!

by -AlexTheMimikyu-

-AlexTheMimikyu- hi
i hope i can start posting more soon with my first high school year ending for me
anyway to the point
kind of a filler post since i still have to start my artist thing
i love kayladax’s fairy tail oc daiko
11/10 ♥
my style is slowly going away so i’m sorry the quality isn’t my best lmao,,
  1. -AlexTheMimikyu-
    @kayladax aaaa im glad !! /pos <.> ♥ ♥ ♥ shes just,, bunny AND v cute but also :-O:love: yk,, anywaysiloveurartstylehhh-
    May 15, 2021
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  2. kayladax
    WAAAA I LOVE THIS <33333333333 thank you so much !!! ;_;:love:
    May 14, 2021
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