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Fighting Style! : The Arrival of Problems

by nightcore^_^X3

nightcore^_^X3 Made by Nightcore^_^X3. Please Enjoy!
Fake Pokémon adventure by NightcoreX3
The Arrival of Problems
Ash and Pikachu made it back to the training centre when Red came. Red said nothing when he came in front. "Hey, so you want to battle again Red?" Yelled Ash. Red said nothing as he threw his pokeball to the ground summoning Inferape. Pikachu used thunderbolt on Inferape; however, this time he went more prepared then last battle. But when Red was going to attack, the world SHOCKED! The Arrival of Problems began its wake! Ash and Red ran for their lives when their hearts beated fast as the speed of light. However, Red pushed Ash out of the way, making him trip into the forest but then losing sight of Red. Pikachu darted and dashed after him. But will Pikachu find him? Will the earthquake forever end? -End Of Chapter-
Don't Miss Out on Part 2
Dude, where's Ash?
  1. nightcore^_^X3
    Hi! Sorry for not putting in lots of work that I really do... However, I'm Back making the Story chapters called 'Fighting Style!' Making more soon!
    Mar 22, 2016