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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Adventures: Fight intensifies part 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce vs 1 tough gym leader
Yep it's that time "to the gym!" Bryce kicked open the gym door where he saw a class room "it said the gym is here.. Where is the gym leade!?" The schoolkids looked at Bryce and yelled "it's him!!!" 2 months ago School girls and boy piled up on Bryce "oh dear Arceus" Roxanne came into the class room to see Schoolkids piled up on Bryce "CLAAAASSS!!!!!!!" The students stopped and ran to their desks and Bryce fainted and Roxanne was shocked "THE NEW KALOS CHAMPION!?" Bryce got up and smiled "Yep!" Roxanne walked to the battlefield and Bryce followed "ok let's do this!" Bryce sent out Mudkip Roxanne sent out Geodude 5 intense mines of water gunning a Geodude then Tailow,Mudkip and Poochyena fainted and Bryce sent out Silcoon "I'm dead!" 30 hardens later "Struggle! Potion! Struggle!" Bryce won with 1 Pokémon remaining Bryce then took his badge and blew up the school and he put on shades and he took his Sniper Rifle and headed to Rusturf Tunnel because earlier "I got the partz!" Bryce looked at the Team Aqua Grunt and shrugged then ran to the Gym/School/GIANT HOLE FROM THE EXPLOSION to be continued and btw his Silcoon evolved on the way to the Tunnel
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