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Thorns: Fifteen minutes past Twelve

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe Part 3
Alllllriggggght. Fe: Fates spoilers here

I try not to stain my pure, spoiler-less soul. Oke so what if that was a total lie

Hinoka discreetly pushed open the door to Kamui's room, as to not disturb the mourning dragoness. Kamui shifted slightly in her flowery bed, hurriedly pushing the tears away in hopes she wouldn't notice them. She didn't need her honorable sister looking down on her. She already has the situation at hand to worry abo--
Oh, Gods.
Her vision once again became blurry, and she bowed her head in shame and regret.
Almost hesitantly, her light frame began shaking; and the tears were constantly escaping her eyes.
The Pegasus Warrior shook slightly where she stood - Kamui was never like this. It disturbed Hinoka more than anything else could. Fidgeting with the rope on her boots, she lightly walked up to her sister and sat down on her floral mattress. Hinoka dueled with herself in her mind,
(Is she ready to hear the news? Would she be able to take it? ...What would happen to her child if she became the grief-stricken dragon that mauled so many villages before?)
Hinoka nodded to herself and spoke,
"Kamui... Takumi, Ryouma and Sakura are in the gardens. Please, come out when you're ready."