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Clash of Code: Fernando vs Heavy! (Paladins: Champions of the Realm vs Team Fortress 2)

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma One fine day, Fernando goes to the base of the Reliable Excavation Demolition team as he needs their intelligence for... something or other. Too bad a certain Russian with a "not really mini"-gun and a sandvich won't let him take it without a fight!

In Clash of Code, two fighters from across the gaming universe will be pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred death battle. All moves, skills, attributes and powers will be taken from their respective game franchises. (And from fighting game spinoffs, if they exist.) Sources listed at the end of the Work. Partners in Coding: @SismicFlareCharmander, @Mewtwofan259, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova
Twilight: What do Spain and Russia have in common?
Pain: They both have large musclemen with big weapons!
Sismic: Like Fernando, the narcissistic Spanish warrior who proclaimed his own knighthood.
Mewtwo: And the Heavy Weapons Guy, Mother Russia's favorite sandvich-munching soldier.
Sismic: I'm @SismicFlareCharmander, and these folks are @Eeveechu151, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova, and @Mewtwofan259.
Eeveechu: Today, we'll be pitting these two against each other in a fight to the finish. An end-all battle. A Clash of Code.

Sismic: It takes a special kind of man to proclaim his own knighthood. Fernando is that man.
Eeveechu: Raised in the golden cliffs of Sun Spire, Fernando traveled to Crosswind Hold to-
Fernando: Spread the news of the greatness of Fernando!
Mewtwo: What?!
Twilight: Why is he here?!
Sismic: Oh, hey Fernando.
Fernando: Good day!
Eeveechu: Oh, great. Well, that's all the lore we have about Fernando for the moment, so let's move on to his stats.
Fernando: Oh, you want to hear my story? That's no problem! Well, my quest to Crosswind Hold began when-
Pain: Fernando has 5,700 health points, making him able to tank easily. However, he has an incredible movement speed of 365, making him one of the fastest characters in the Realm.
Eeveechu: Fernando's main weapon is a flamethrower lance, which is so hot it can melt metal extremely quickly. We know this from when Fernando destroys Barik's turrets with the flamethrower. The flames deal 30 damage upon a single hit, and it takes 0.1 seconds to hit a single flame. He can also apply a Damage Over Time effect that deals 200 damage for 2 seconds. Unlike the weapons of his colleagues, Fernando does not need to reload, but has to make sure that his weapon doesn't overheat. If it does, it's rendered unusable for two seconds.
Sismic: Fernando can also activate a shield that can block 8,000 points of damage before it collapses. However, he cannot attack while he has his shield out. And after the shield is deactivated, Fernando must wait for a certain amount of time, depending on how much health the shield has. Depending on how much damage the shield took, the cooldown can be anywhere between 7 and 15 seconds.
Mewtwo: The lance can also launch a Fireball, which deals 450 damage on contact and reduces healing by 50% for 3 seconds. Fernando can also use Charge to barrel into enemies, dealing 200 damage. His shield can also be toggled on and off during this attack, regardless of cooldown.
Pain: Fernando can also build a deck of cards, which buff his abilities. For this match, we have given him Brand; which adds 20% more healing reduction to Fernando's Fireball, Evolve; which increases his base health by 500, Heat Transfer; which turns every 1000 damage dealt to Fernando's shield into 2 seconds removed from Charge's cooldown, Looks That Kill; which restores 40% of ammo to Fernando's lance for every enemy he hits with Fireball, Pyre; which reduces the cost of the flame lance by 60%, Unstoppable Force; which gives Charge a knockback upon impact, and Running Start; which increases Fernando's movement speed by 40% for two seconds.
Mewtwo: These stat changes mean that he has 6,200 HP and 70% healing reduction on Fireball. However, we have yet to cover Fernando's trump card. Immortal.
Eeveechu: When Fernando builds up enough power, he becomes invincible. In game, Fernando cannot be brought under 1500 health while the ultimate is active. It can even block the Dragon Punch, which instantly kills ANYTHING. Think Saitama from One Punch Man.
Sismic: Oh, we're also giving Fernando a buddy for this battle. Fernando will be accompanied by Buck, a man with a shotgun. We won't be going over him here, but if you want to then check the "Sources" section.
Pain: Anyways, Fernando is dangerous. You'll want him on your side in battle.
Eeveechu: Hey, actually... where's Twi? Why hasn't she said anything?
Twilight: Huh? What? I was just listening to Fernando's story.
Fernando: And just when you thought you were the sexiest person here... I show up.

Eeveechu: Hailing from the USSR, the Heavy Weapons Guy came to America to work with the group known as Team Fortress. However, he and some other mercenaries became involved with a large turf war between the Mann brothers, having mercs hired on both sides. Heavy soon fought in the war as one of the most dangerous combatants on the battlefield.
Sismic: The Heavy is a tank through an through, having a hulking base HP stat of 300. (That's impressive for his game, TF2 uses smaller numbers than Paladins) However, he's also SLOW AS HELL, having 77% the normal walking speed.
Mewtwo: But we can't talk about Heavy without discussing his sweethearts! His main gun, Sasha, can hold 200 bullets at once. However, the gun needs to spin up first. Each bullet deals 9 damage (27 with a crit), but that's very powerful with Heavy's rapid fire! His other primaries include Natascha; a gun that has 25% less damage dealt and 30% more spin-up time, but the bullets inflict a movement penalty that slows down the target, and the Hau-Long Heater, a minigun that burns foes and deals 25% more damage against burning foes (convenient, huh?) while costing 4 extra bullets to keep it spun up.
Twilight: However, it's not all in the primaries! Heavy also has a set of secondaries, including the traditional Sandvich; which heals Heavy and can also be thrown for others to use to heal, A shotgun that can fire 6 shots per clip and deals 60 damage (180 with a crit), and the Family Business; which increases the clip size by 33% and attack speed by 15% while reducing damage dealt by 15%, the Panic Attack; which I'm just going to list the stats of since Eeveechu doesn't want to describe them: +50% faster reload time, +50% faster weapon switch, +30% faster fire rate, fire rate increases as health decreases, hold fire to load up to 4 shells. Hold fire to load up to 4 shells.
Pain: Heavy also has a set of Melee weapons; all involving his fists. His regular fists deal 65 damage (195 with a crit) but he can also wear a multitude of gloves for extra stats. The Boxing Gloves hit 20% slower than normal, but a kill gives 5 seconds of guaranteed crits. The Bread Bite deals 25% less damage, but grants 30% more movement speed. The Warrior's Spirit deals 30% more damage and heals 50% HP upon a kill, but he recieves 30% more damage while using them. And finally, the Eviction Notice deals 60% less damage, but gives 40% faster attack speed and 15% more movement speed.
Mewtwo: Oh, and we're giving him the Medic as a partner. The Medic's weapons today are the Overdose, the Kritzkrieg, and the Freedom Staff. With the Medic's Medigun (the Kritzkrieg for this battle), Heavy can be Ubercharged, which grants him temporary invincibility.
Sismic: Heavy is also able to punch the Robot Heavy without even flinching! And while it's never specified what they're made of, Mewtwofan found something called Guzma's Metal, which is the most likely candidate. The Heavy also can survive extreme cold and kill a Grizzly Bear in a single punch. The Heavy is strong.
Eeveechu: Don't EVER take his Sandvich. You'd have a better chance of coming out alive by jumping into a meat grinder.
Heavy: Some people think they can outsmart me. Hmph... maybe. *sniff* Maybe. ...I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet."

Pain: Alright, the contenders are set!
Sismic: From the Realm and from Russia!
Twilight: It's time to settle this... with a Clash of Code!

"The enemy has taken our intelligence!" the voice blared on the speakers. Heavy took one final bite out of his Sandvich, and picked up his dearest Sasha. He grabbed an ammo pack and dashed out.

Fernando charged through the base, raising his shield to block the explosions of the sticky bombs. Then he dashed out the door, the red briefcase on his back. Then he heard a shout from above. He barely raised his shield in time to block the hail of bullets. The Heavy stood on a hill above him.
"I will count to five. You will return the briefcase in those five seconds, or I kill you."
"Phht... HAHAHAHAHAH! You will kill ME?! I am the Great Fernando!"
"Never heard of you."
"Oh... Well, we can sit down and talk. I'm afraid that I can't give up this briefcase, but we can-"
"Time up." Heavy said, firing at Fernando. The Spanish warrior rolled behind a truck.
"Fine, then. We'll do this the hard way."
Mewtwo: Here we go!
Fernando jumped out from behind the truck, letting loose a fireball. Heavy dodged, keeping up the stream of bullets. Fernando dashed closer, using Charge to put up a shield and slam into Heavy. The big man reeled for a second, but then snapped back and lobbed a punch right at Fernando's jaw. The Spanish man took the blow and activated his flamethrower, making Heavy yell in pain. He then threw on the Eviction Notice and battered Fernando repeatedly. The Knight then started burning Heavy again, but this time Heavy loaded the Panic Attack and let loose. Fernando grunted in pain, then stepped back and Charged at Heavy. Heavy let the recoil take him to a distance where he could unload with Natascha, slowing Fernando incredibly. The warrior couldn't dodge the bullets, so all he could do was pull up his shield. However, the shield would soon run out.
"Go ahead and cry, baby!" Heavy said.
"You think this is tough to deal with? Try taking on the Ice Monsters of Mount... what was its name again?" Fernando said, sweating.

Heavy was pinned to the ground inside a net that came out of the sky. He was trapped.
"Thank you, Amigo!" Fernando said, Charging into Fernando. The net dissipated as the recoil sent Heavy flying into a shed.

The Medic was playing a game of Solitaire when the Heavy came crashing through the wall of the shed.
"Medic! Help defend!" Heavy said, getting up.
"Jawohl!" Medic said, getting his Medigun ready. The two dashed out.

Fernando was surprised to hear a war cry from the Heavy, who he thought he had already defeated. "You cannot defeat me!" he said, prepping his flamethrower as Buck leaped away. Heavy was already firing at him, and Fernando charged. The bullets hurt his shield, but his cooldown for Charge was reduced. He let off a Fireball while he was running and went up and spewed fire in Heavy's face. He was sure that had done something.

Then the smoke cleared, and Fernando saw the Heavy's red, glowing face.
"Babies cannot hurt HEAVY!" Heavy said, slamming Fernando with the Warrior's Spirit, whaling away. Fernando stepped back and launched another fireball, but Heavy just took it. He then took out another minigun and fired away, but this one was on FIRE. Fernando dashed out of the way of the bullets, but one hit his armor. Another one hit, but this one hurt even more. Fernando then saw there were embers on his armor.
"Hot hot HOT!" he said, rolling behind a hill. Heavy laughed, but then the Ubercharge shorted out. He was still being healed, though, so he moved towards the hill. Then the healing stopped.
Heavy turned around to see the Medic shooting the Overdose at Buck. The soldier leaped into the air and crashed on top of Medic. He whacked Buck with the Freedom Staff, but Buck remained firm. He took out his shotgun and fired.

"MEDIC!!!" Heavy shouted, crashing into Buck. He threw on the Boxing Gloves and punched away at Buck. Buck fell unconscious, and Heavy threw him off a cliff.
Then he got hit in the back by a Fireball.

Fernando was standing there. "Now, Amigo, it's just the two of us."
Heavy nodded. "Let us finish this like men." He munched down his Sandvich, restoring his HP. He then took out Natascha and started firing. This time, Fernando dashed out of the way. He crashed into Heavy, sending him reeling back. Heavy then unloaded with two shotguns at once, but Fernando blocked the shots with his shields. Heavy then put on the Bread Bite and dashed around Fernando's shield, socking him in the back. Fernando then dashed into him, sending Heavy into the side of a truck. Heavy then dashed towards Fernando with the Boxing Gloves equipped. Fernando shot a Fireball at him, but Heavy dashed through it AND the flames from Fernando's fire lance. Heavy slammed into Fernando's shield one last time, shattering it. He bashed into Fernando full force, sending the flames onto the armor. Fernando was slammed into the hill, embedded in the rock. Heavy opened fire with the Hau-Long Heater, eventually erupting in a big explosion. Heavy leaned against the truck, exhausted. "It's over." Then he remembered. The briefcase! Heavy started to walk towards the fire, but then...

"I will not die. Not yet, amigo."

Fernando was glowing a bright orange aura. Heavy let loose an entire clip from Sasha, but the bullets just bounced right off. He tried to hit Fernando with the Boxing Gloves, but Fernando caught both fists and popped his arms out of their sockets.
"GAAAAAAAAAH!" Heavy shouted in pain. Fernando threw him in the air, opened his flamethrower fully, and let the flames loose. Heavy burned in a stream of fire as the aura faded.
"I guess you could say you're in the... HOT SEAT." Fernando said, smiling.
Fernando rode away on his horse, briefcase in hand.
Scout took Sasha out to a steak dinner.

Twilight: Okay... THAT was cool.
Pain: No, it was hot!
Twilight: ...
Mewtwo: Why did Heavy lose? I mean, he punched through Guzma's Metal!
Eeveechu: True, which does mean Heavy had the strength advantage. However, Fernando's armor isn't plain old steel, or even titanium; it's MAGIC armor. Remember when I talked about the Dragon Punch? Well, that punch can kill Fernando if he's not using his ultimate. But in-game, when it DOES, it doesn't even dent the armor! This has to mean that the armor is VERY strong.
Sismic: But for the sake of comparison, mind pulling up the table?
Eeveechu: Sure. Here it is.
Mewtwo: I can tell this was close. What was the deciding factor?
Eeveechu: Well, the main deciding factor was their strongest abilities. The best thing Heavy could do to match Fernando was to use his Ubercharge, but he needs the Medic in order to do that. Fernando, however, can use his ultimate, Immortal, all by himself. And since the Medic went out early, that meant that Heavy didn't have anything to counter Immortal.
Pain: But couldn't Heavy have killed Fernando when he had his Ubercharge?
Eeveechu: Not really. Heavy is VERY slow, which meant that Melee was kind of out of the question for killing Fernando. So his only other options were his guns, but Fernando could block those. And when he couldn't, he could easily dive behind cover using Charge.
Twilight: Fernando could counter whatever Heavy could throw at him, but Heavy didn't have much to counter Fernando. The Flamethrower and Fireball attacks were things Heavy could do NOTHING about. Charge's knockback would give him range he could use, though, and he could break through Fernando's shield. Since Heavy can break Guzma's Metal, we can assume he could break the shield. Things like Bomb King can break it as well, so we can say that Heavy would be able to break it with a Melee attack. But without the Ubercharge, he had NOTHING to counter Immortal.
Sismic: Buck would also have been able to easily dispose of Medic with his varied skillset. And everyone knows a Heavy is only half as strong without his Medic.
Mewtwo: True. The best thing he could have kept was the Overheal, but that fades within a few seconds. In the end, Heavy just had nothing he could use to defend himself against Fernando's onslaught.
Sismic: Guess Heavy just couldn't take the heat!
Eeveechu: The winner is Fernando.

If you're a true blue hero fighting a mad scientist, they're bound to make a mechanical rival to you. But if they disobey their creators, no one can stop them! It's the ultimate Sonic robot against the black buster!

Special thanks: @Lord Of Pain, @Mewtwofan259, @Twilight Nova and @SismicFlareCharmander for helping with this episode, and Ben Singer and Chad James for inspiring the series with your awesome Death Battle show!

http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Fernando (Fernando - Paladins Wiki)
http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Buck (Buck - Paladins Wiki)
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https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Medic (Medic - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki)
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