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Fenniken and Pikachu~♥

by Autumn Caito

Autumn Caito I literally drew this MONTHS ago and forgot to take a picture or upload this, I'm absolutely (Dear god kill me now XD) proud over this, but like I said, I did this months ago, so I can even critic myself; like the Female Pikachu's head looks rather large in my opinion, and I can't really decide if I drew a Fennekin or a Braixen, but if I DID draw a Braixen, where the globbit is the fracking stick!? XD

Anyway, I hope you like/fav/+watch or enjoy my art, It's MINE, so PLEASE don't share anywhere else without my permission, and don't claim as your own, bye~!

Ask-DJ-Kitty (It's my dA :) )
  1. baratron
    I'll give you the same comment as I did for someone else just now. This picture is completely spoiled by being on lined paper, especially since it's a pencil sketch, so the lines and detail are comparatively light. Maybe get yourself a sketchbook? Or at least, draw on plain printer paper.
    Nov 18, 2013
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