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My Ocs: Felix (Old Art)

by Willow Tree


This is a pretty old art, so the canvas size and art style slightly differ from my current one due to the little improvement I've made throughout the year. It's not shaded since I left off on him and never finished, and I don't feel like drawing his two versions again (Pls I still have one more oc to get through). I'll definitely redesign him though. :)

Felix is one of my poorly neglected oc, and his story really differed because he was really just there for me to help my friend with story building. My friend had an angel oc, and wanted me to make a character just to add to her little plot. I didn't want to make a demon oc, so I made him a reaper, hence the picture of him on the left. But when I got to look at him without any outside influence, I thought him being a vampire would've been cool, but I don't wanna back out on the reaper idea either. AND AHA I'M A LAZY BEAN SO I DIDN'T BOTHER MAKING A SECOND OC TO BE A VAMPIRE LMAO--

In the end, I made two separate storylines for him, both of which he passed away as a child and ascended to an immortal being. Won't get too deep into it since I'm lazy. I know, I'm ever so creative. His two form's personalities are different too, but I hope yall can tell from the picture already. I did draw his kid form, but not digitally.

His short comic that I usually draw for my ocs will probably be lazy too since he's such a neglected child, I'm sorry. TuT