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my region and everything that has to do with it!: Fayola Lyblac (Psychic type gym leader oc)

by roanyael

roanyael Hello there, flawless people of this Amino. So it's been a REALLY long time since I made a serious post here. This is because there was a lot going on in my life. And I couldn't really do something. But here I am. Back in business after so long. You all voted for a psychic type gym leader. So here you have her. And she goes by the name of...

Fayola Lyblac


So I started to think what I could do for a psychic type gym leader. Since there are a lot of options. I definitely wanted her to be a woman. So that was step one. And when I think back to all previous psychic type users. They all look very strong, so I wanted her to also look like a strong independent woman. I first wanted to make her a more dreamy person but then it came to me. "A fortune teller" so I went with the fortune teller gypsy trait. I also choose to make her look even stronger by giving ger a dark skin tone. (I just think that dark skinned woman look hella strong all the time. This is just a fact) Medicham was then an obvious choice for a partner pokemon, once I looked at her design. And that's how I designed her.



Fayola Lyblac. A mysterious woman that seemed to have just shown up in the Hudson region out of nowhere. The year is 1992, there was a fair going on in the big square of the biggest city in the Hudson region. This fair would be open for visitors for five days. And there was lost to do for everyone. But on the last day, a small, red, circus tent popped up out of nowhere. With a Golden sign above the entrance. "Fortune teller" was written on it. Once you entered the small tent you were greeted by a beautiful, mysterious, young woman around her 20's. And with her was a Medicham. No one had ever seen her before. And nobody even knew her. But this woman would become the gym leader of the biggest city in the Hudson. The gym leader of Anstel City.

From after the day she showed up at the fair, she was spotted numerous times across the region. And it was only a few years later, in 1995 when she began pokemon battles against trainers. She would set up a tent meant for battles to invite trainers. The battles were always kept in secret. The outcome of these battles were also never known by anyone. And the trainers themselves often didn't remember the outcome of the battles either. This mystery only send more and more trainers towards her. Which met the exact same fate.

This went on for quite a while. And she battled a lot of trainers. Until march of 2002 to be exact. After this year she just disappeared. It was as if the earth just erased her from existence. Many trainers kept searching for her tho, but this all went with no success. Off course her disappearance started rumors. Which were only fuelled by the fact that nobody knew a thing about her. Many thought she was a witch, while others thought she passed away, and another group of people said she moved away to another region where she continued her mysterious deeds.

But then in march 2012, exactly 10 years after her disappearance, she returned, in a place wich nobody would've ever thought she'd be. She returned as the Anstel City gym leader. But of course people were hesitant to challenge her. And the pile theories only grew. What happened to the previous gym leader? Where did she came from? But people were also hesitate to challenge her because they thought the same thing would happen as last time. And they would not be able to recall a thing from the battle. But after one brave soul challenged her, and came out of the gym with their memories still intact. People started to go to the gym as moths to a flame. Even though of the popularity of the gym. Fayola has only ever given a total of 4 badges away. What is her secret. Nobody would ever know.



I will give her and every gym leader in the future a team of 6 which they can change up depending on how strong the opponent is. But here I mostly show up what their strongest and optimal team is. So here it is








Right now it's the year 2020, And Fayola looks like she hasn't aged at all. She looks exactly the same as how she did when she popped up at the fair in 1992. She is getting challenged less and less. Just because people think she is unbeatable. But there are always daredevils who will try to beat her. Which will certainly end in their failure. The theories and speculation about this mysterious woman have only piled up. And there are even entire YouTube channels dedicated to debunking her very existence. People think that the reason she's able to win almost 100% of the time. Is because she can see the future, or is she a witch?


  1. RenzFlintrock
    Oooh, that's very fun! And it poses a team limitation that makes her just that much harder to beat. (Although in an RPing situation, a Pokemon might have teleporting capabilities without actually having to know the move. Up to your world, though.)

    One of the concrete details we have on our gym location is that it's in... DAN DAN DAN! A huge shopping mall! It's difficult to even find the gym because it's just like the other shops, it just has a sign saying GYM. And if you look at those mall signs, there are other Gyms on it, like a Brain Gym (Mental exercise) and a regular Gym (Workouts.)
    Jul 20, 2020
    PrincessPika~chan and roanyael like this.
  2. roanyael
    @RenzFlintrock I'm glad that u like her so much. thank you.

    Okay so this is gonna seem odd. but her gym is actually a skyscraper. and she is located on the middle floor...you need a pokemon with the move teleport in your party to go there. so I hope you brought one. otherwise you'll just go up and down in circles while skipping the middle floor.
    that seemed fun to me.
    Jul 20, 2020
  3. RenzFlintrock
    I’ve been creating a region, and since I wanted to make difficult puzzles in the Psychic Gym, I am letting a puzzle master friend of mine do most of that gym and the gym leader. While we’re currently in progress, we are thinking of naming the gym leader Ava Ridge. Pun fully intended. ;)

    We had an idea for a signature attack for the gym leader’s Alakazam that is both Psychic and Steel type, a barrage of spoons gouging at the opponent.

    Sorry, brought it up because Psychic leaders were being discussed. I really like yours! The Gypsy style is very original, in my opinion, and she definitely seems tough!

    Does she have some kind of Gym Challenge, though? Something trainer’s have to get through before they can challenge her?
    Jul 19, 2020
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  4. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    In my signature, I wrote down a bio of my OC (Brian) and admit he's become one of my favorite OCs, should they ever meet, who knows if they'll get along, but my guy's rather friendly. :p

    Sry, I just couldn't help talking about mine because of how similar they are. (Which is just Psychic type users xD)
    Jul 19, 2020
  5. roanyael
    @Red Gallade Wow that's neat... the thing is with this oc is that she has no known family members
    Jul 19, 2020
  6. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    What I like about this is I have a Psychic Type Gym Leader OC who's father is a fortune teller that could see in to the future. (The OC however doesn't possess this ability.)
    Jul 19, 2020