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Top 10: Favourite Anime!

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak My first top ten. This my opinion, so don't go like "No, that anime sucks! You weeb.", k? Okay, let's get onto it!
Anime are Japanese animations, which start off as a manga or light novel. Some manga end up on the Weekly Shonen Jump, or others, and then the popularity rises. This includes anime such as D.Gray Man, Naruto, Gintama, and Hunter x Hunter. Hello, I am The AnimeFreak A.K.A. Mr. AnimeFreak, and here is my TOP 10 FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIME!

This includes light novel adaptations too.

10. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

A legendary anime, huh? Well, it's sorta legendary. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) follows a teenage boy by the name of Kyon. He never believed in Santa, and he never believed in espers, time travellers and aliens. His whole life changed when he met a girl by the name of Suzumiya Haruhi (Haruhi Suzumiya). When he met her, he had a hard time, since Haruhi was really annoying to him every time.

Haruhi decided to build the SOS Brigade, because whatever club she joined, she would leave them, so she decided to make one! Thus, Kyon meets Nagato Yuki (Yuki Nagato). Yuki was the only member in the Literary Club, but she decided to leave her club because of Haruhi, and she was told to make the Literary Club room, the SOS Brigade club room.

After that, she invites Asahina Mikuru (Mikuru Asahina) and a mysterious transfer student, Koizumi Itsuki (Itsuki Koizumi). It was revealed that Yuki is an alien, Mikuru is a time traveller, and Koizumi was an esper. After this, they had many interesting adventures, yet weird at the same time.

9. Soul Eater

Checkmate! I gotta say, this anime is SUPER entertaining, and I really like its plot! Soul Eater is about Albarn Maka (Maka Albarn) trying to make Evans Soul (Soul "Eater" Evans) into a death scythe, and then they encounter Kishin Asura. They try to defeat Kishin Asura, and defeat him once and for all.

8. Nanatsu no Taizai

So this story is DAMN AMAZING! I actually watched this anime off of Netflix! Anyways, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) starts off with a boy named Meliodas! Meliodas has a pig named Hawk, and he meets a girl named Elizabeth! They get attacked, and Meliodas turns out to be a member of the Seven Deadly Sins!

They later meet Diane, who was in a foggy forest, and then Ban, who was in a prison, and then King, who was in a far-away village, then Gowther, who was in a village, then in a forest, and finally Merlin, who was in a village. (If you want to know what happened to Escanor, read the manga.)

The villains were the Holy Knights, and then the main villain ACTUALLY turned out to be Hendrickson! After that, they try to find and kill Hendrickson for good.

7. Nichijou

OH GOD HELP! This gave me a LOOOT of laughs! That gif made me laugh as hell as well! Nichijou is a comedy anime that is set in a school. The main characters are Aioi Yukko (Yukko Aioi), Naganohara Mio (Mio Naganohara), Minakami Mai (Mai Minakami), Shinonome Hakase (Hakase Shinonome), Shinonome Nano (Nano Shinonome), Sakamoto, Tachibana Misato (Misato Tachibana), and Sasahara Koujirou (Koujirou Sasahara).

This... really has no plot at all. It's just comedy adventures of your ordinary school girls. This anime by Kyoto Animation is a MASTERPIECE.

6. Toradora!

I really do love this anime, I REALLY DO! Toradora! is a comedy, romance, and obviously TSUNDERE anime where it features a tsundere by the name of Aisaka Taiga (Taiga Aisaka) (she is in the gif) and Takasu Ryuuji (Ryuuji Takasu) (he is in the gif as well). It all starts off when Ryuuji meets Taiga, and stuff takes an unusual turn.

Soon, Aisaka breaks into Ryuuji's house, then it turned out Taiga had a crush on Ryuuji's friend, Kitamura. It also turns out Ryuuji has a crush on Taiga's friend, Kushieda Minori (Minori Kushieda), and they decide to help eachother out. Takasu tries to get Taiga with Kitamura and Taiga tries to put Takasu with Minori.

It's a really loveable anime, and I recommend you watch it.

Whew! Up we go to the Top 5!

5. Boku no Hero Academia

I can hear all the One Punch Man fans, thinking OPM is better, or that Boku no Hero Academia is a ripoff. Want me to say something more extreme? Well, how about... Aha! I think Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is better, the OPM opening is kinda trash, BNHA OP is better, and I don't like OPM! That didn't trigger you? Can't be helped.

Yes, Boku no Hero Academia IS another superhero anime, but it is SO much better in my opinion! This anime features a boy named Midoriya Izuku (Izuku Midoriya) and his friends and such. His favourite superhero is All-Might, and now, he wants to be a hero himself! He is nothing, but a quirkless boy, but everything changes as soon as he meets All-Might.

4. Noragami
Gif is edited. The scene is from the anime, but it's edited, y'know, like Monochrome?

A Bones anime, and this isn't the only Bones anime on the list! Have you guessed the other one? It's Soul Eater. Anyway, the first time I watched this anime, I wasn't really interested, UNTIL I kept watching. This anime just gets better and better, and came out Season 2!

Noragami is an anime featuring Yato, who is a God, and he meets a girl by the name of Iki Hiyori (Hiyori Iki) and he soon gets a Regalia named Yukine (Yuki). It turns out that Yato was the God of Calamity, and wants to make up for it. Later in the series, it turns out Yato isn't his real name. I want to make you manage the hype, so I won't say his real name, though I just ruined half of the hype...

3. Gintama

Believe it or not, this is actually a Samurai Anime!!!!...with no plot. Gintama is a Parody, Shonen, and Comedy anime made by Sunrise, and it has appeared in the Shonen Jump. Still not loving the anime? Well, Gintama° is currently number 1 on the MyAnimeList rankings!

This anime has 4 seasons currently: Gintama, Gintama', Gintama': Enchousen and Gintama

But seriously, watch this anime.

2. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

No, it is NOT a sports anime, it's a RomCom (Romantic Comedy). I gave this anime a good rating, and here is the reason why...

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is As Wrong As Expected) (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) is a RomCom which features a boy named Hikigaya Hachiman (Hachiman Hikigaya), who was a loner, and the cause was his past. (I think.)

Hikigaya soon writes something weird on his worksheet, which said "go and freaking die", which made a turn to Hiratsuka Shizuka's punishment (Shizuka Hiratsuka or somethin, idk.). Hiratsuka-sensei's punishment to Hikigaya was to put him in the Volunteering Club (Service Club) with Yukinoshita Yukino (Yukino Yukinoshita), who is a Kuudere (she likes Hikigaya).

Yukino was told to solve Hikigaya's problem from being a loner, and to help him. Later on, they meet Yuigahama Yui (Yui Yuigahama) who actually likes Hikigaya as well. There is also another person who was in the tennis club who joins the Service Club later, and the name is Totsuka. (Forgot full name :p). Hikigaya actually likes Totsuka for some reason, because Totsuka is a BOY! (YAOI TRIGGERED ♥)

So in a short term, the plot is the Service Club trying to fix Hikki (Hikigaya) up. 10/10, #TeamYukinoshita, #BestAnimeEver

You ready for Number One? First, TEN PUSH-UPS, GO!
Nah, just kidding. Just making sure you were ready.

Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
Lucky Star
Cory in the House
Sakamoto desu ga?
Saint Seiya
Sword Art Online (WAS my favourite. Guess what happened. I changed.)
Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)
Shokugeki no Souma

Finally, here is number one! I am sure this is the best Shonen ever, and the one that takes the place is...

1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Boy, this anime. I recently watched this anime and I LOVED IT! It was in the Weekly Shonen Jump. I see, well, I don't know why it's underrated!

This begins with a boy by the name of Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsunayoshi Sawada) and he unusually meets a Hitman which kinda looks like a baby named Reborn. Reborn says Tsuna is gonna be the 10th generation boss (of somesort) in the Mafia, so Reborn does everything he can to get Tsuna to become boss, and to help everyone!

However, their future is ruined, and they have to try and bring it back.

Really like the looks of the anime I listed? Check them out yourself on Crunchyroll! Or you can just buy them, who knows :p Thank you for reading this, stay here for my next TOP 10!
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