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Faves of each generation

by Maiden of Ghosts

pokemon buddies small.png
Maiden of Ghosts A friend on Tumblr prompted people to pick their fave Pokemon from each generation so far (1-6 obviously, since we still don't know all of gen 7~), and conveniently (or unsurprisingly!) all of my faves match up to some of my favourite OCs~

Gen 1: Scuro (Shiny Gengar)
Gen 2: Ghost (Umbreon)
Gen 3: Swift (Linoone)
Gen 4: Bellflower (Shaymin)
Gen 5: Rochelle (Terrakion)
Gen 6: Lunaire (Sylveon)
  1. Maiden of Ghosts
    Maiden of Ghosts
    @Mewtwofan259 Yeah Terrakion is, uh, unfortunately not very popular!! It's always been pretty common in competitive battling, but from a design standpoint you.. Rarely ever hear people talking about it. :c It kinda sucks, since I love it!! I love the other Legendary Musketeers (Keldeo is even in the running for my fave from gen 5!), but Terrakion has always been special to me for some reason. :D
    Jul 24, 2016
  2. Mewtwofan259
    Wow, when's the last time you've heard anything good about Terrakion? He's in my 15, don't get me wrong.
    Jul 24, 2016