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Fantrolls: Fantroll Story\Idea Log

by paranormalSpooks

paranormalSpooks This is honestly me spitting out my ideas.
Main Idea: The set of trolls that I have put out (which there are going to be more. I need twelve trolls, damn it) are the original beta trolls decendences. Some don't really make sence like Lauret, being Karkat's decendent. Anyways. This is when the full game comes out and the Kids and Trolls that are the decendences of the originals decide to play the full version. But this is in an alternate universe where the events that happened in the orignal Homstuck changed or was different. I'll get to that later. This universe is called the Earthia universe. Where Karkat got with Nepeta for some fuggin reason and Equius and Kanaya have some wierdness between them, and Dave and John adopt a kid. It's very confusing.

Earthia: Earthia is a planet excatly like earth, But both trolls and humans live on the planet. They have troll and human culture. The Beta and Alpha kids and trolls founded the planet as one of Alternias colonies. Trolls have a choice to raise their decendences or to have a lusus raise them. Trolls and humans go to the same schools, and there is a lot of freedom, there is a troll leader (the fuschia blood) and a human leader.

Homestuck Earthia ending: Every troll and human makes it out alive and they go on to make earthia. John and Dave adopt Lars, Jade adopts a boy named Tyler, Dirk and Jake adopt a boy named Kenny, Roxy and green skull girl adopt a girl named Anna, and finally Rose and Kanaya adopt a boy named Braden. The trolls that got together are Karkat and Nepeta, Tavros and Vriska, Terezi and Equius (because there were no other ships left), Sollux and Aradia, Eridan (who gets his shit together in this universe) and Feferi, and that's it I think. No one likes Gamzee in this universe, except Tavors.

Lauret Kanari: She is one of the decendents of Karkat and Nepeta. All of the trolls from this universe where raised by Lusi. Her's was a bunny with bird wings. (I've changed her design by a lot). She has the interests of collecting plushies, art, and music. Her most famous saying to herself "When in doubt call it abstract." After the reverb (a large musial doubstep time reviver) she god teirs. Her god tier is the Mage of Blood. It sucks because she has to lose her sense of touch.

That's all I have for right now.