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Fan Made pokemon Team

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja No idea why I'm doing this, but an idea of a pokemon team made up of random characters form series, random thing of the day Enjoy :)
Trainer: Austin
Gender: Male
Badges: 8
Nature: Proud of Power

Main Partner:
Bloom (Believix) LV: 68
Type: Fire/Fairy
Attacks: Flamethrower
Dragon Rush
Fairy Wind

Ghost Freak LV: 57
Type: Ghost/Dark
Attacks: Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Shadow Claw

MetaBee LV: 61
Type: Bug/Steel
Attacks: Mega Punch
Rocket Launch
Struggle Bug
Bullet Punch

MetalGarurumon LV: 58
Type: Ice/Steel
Attacks: Glaciate
Ice Wolf bite
Meteor Mash
Giga Impact

Nevermore Lv: 65
Type: Dark/ Flying
Attacks: Dark Pulse
Sky Attack

Aquos Preyas LV: 54
Type: Water
Attacks: Camouflage
Hydro pump
Mega Kick
  1. NerdyNinja
    idk why I did this, but people seem to like it XD
    Nov 4, 2016