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Fan Art 8

by CyanHikariza

CyanHikariza The first time Taichi is seen using Thunder is...during a thunderstorm. (original drawing of Violet before changing it) ???? and Taichi was separated from Crimson and Cyan during another storm and ran into a cave. Inside the cave was a sleeping Tyrantrum that they startled away when they screamed. Now being chased by Tyrantrum through the rain they are run into a dead end. Tyrantrum then fired a hyper beam, they dodged it barely but still found no place to run. As it was about to charge a second one Taichi then tried to battle it on its own by striking it with iron tail, which it countered with Dragon Tail smashing Taichi back. As a final attempt at stopping Tyrantrum Taichi tried to use thunderbolt which, at the same time lightning struck, struck down into Taichi and in one huge volt directed its attack at Tyrantrum, which paralyzes and causes Tyrantrum to finally fall. But also causes massive damage on Taichi who falls as well unconscious. While ???? tending to Taichi the Tyrantrum made an attempt to stand once more but was stopped by a pokeball zapping him into a ball. Tyrantrum was the captured by Crimson, who finally showed up after seeing the giant lighting attack in the sky, along with Cyan. After waking up in the Pokémon Center fully healed, ???? tells Taichi that he won and that they finally learned his ability: lightning rod which helped deal that massive blow to Tyrantrum ^^