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Family Reunion

by Popplio

Popplio blob
Ah yes, the blob family. There is this one who is named Iggle, who is the most.. Stupid, i could say. They are an Igglybuff, and never plan to evolve. Iggle only know their father, as they have never seen their mother before.

Then there is.. Phantodisfiremis. Weird name, but this Ditto did come from a family, from a farway land. They are also known as Phantom. He have been together with many women, and men, so he have many children. and now, we will see how Iggle meet the rest of their siblings. Let us begin.

It was a cold day, and Phantom and Iggle sat in their house in the Daycare. It was not a real house, as it was something the daycare people had build to play with. Each family had one, but it was like a dog house. Fit for Pokemon! Phantom had gotten many houses before, but stuck with this one. Iggle's mother was the last partner he had. His trainer decided who he should be partner's with, so he was thankful he didn't get one new, and could just stick with Iggle as his child. This day, Phantom had sat up a reunion with all Iggle's siblings. He was excited to see them again, as some of them had arrived in Sinnoh, and even Johto. But now they all came here to Kalos.

Phantom begun saying something, "Iggle, it is time you know your siblings." He stared at Iggle, who saw at him confused. "Siblings?", they asked even more confused. Phantom nodded and saw some of them arrive. They were soon all here, and he was excited to see them all. Iggle laid down their rubber duck, and looked out. "Iz that them?", they asked. Phantom looked at them all arrive. "Yes." he answered, proud.

They got out of the house, and stood infront of the ten Pokemon. "Hello everybody! Long time no see." he started. "I know, it has been too long. But this right here, is the newest member of the family. Their name is Iggle." he looked at Iggle. Iggle looked back, and then looked at the Pokemon. "Yes, hello.", Iggle said. Phantom realized the situation was a bit awkward. "Can't you introduce yourself, please?", he said to Iggle's siblings. One Riolu stepped forward. "We can!", the Riolu said with a smile. "I will start!"

"I am Richard, and this is my mother Phantodisfiremis!" ,He said and looked at Phantom. He continued, "My father is a Lucario, who is now in the top championships with his new trainer. I am pretty nice, and plan to evolve soon. If i can! My trainer is just so caring.. Beauty contest, but i still wanna fight."

A Flareon stepped forward. "Hiya people! I am Flash, but people call me "go away"! So you can call me that." She paused and looked around, then continued, "Anyway, my dad stands right there, Phantodisfiremis. My mother who is a Jolteon, has always been for running, so that is where she is. Running with her trainer! I am already evolved, and plan to take on the Elite 4 in Hoenn with my trainer!"

A Skiddo came next. "Y-yes hello.. I am Capri, and i love berries.." She was clearly nervous, so Richard laid a hand on her back. She continued, "I am from here in Kalos, and is owning a ranch with my trainers.. They just got married, and i should of course be happy for them.. But the man always says that i should evolve! I don't want to!"

A Tyrunt stepped forward. "Eh yes hello, my name is GIVE ME VICTINI and my mother was revived from her fossil." He stepped on his toes. "Ehh, my dad is him right there.. The trainer who named me really wanted Victini i guess. What is a Victini? I just get traded back and fourth.."

A Bewear jumped infront of the rest. He had some signs. "Yes hello" he took another. "Name is Bear" and another, "Mom is dead dad is alive" and another, "I am from Alola" and another.. "I am alone" and another. "Hug me?" No one hugged him.

A Mimikyu slowly sinked up from the ground. "Hello... I am Mimi, and i love Pikachu... My mother was also Mimikyu.. My dad always loved mee.. I hunt Pikachus with my trainer.. We sent them off on trade.. Everyone loves them.." she started crying, and sinked into the ground again.

A Haxorus stepped proud in front of the others. "Yes yes, i am Bruce. I am a Haxorus, and my father was known for being in competetive play. My trainer sends me out on "GTS" sometimes.. The thing people want for me is hilarious haha! Like, the protecter of our land Xerneas, for little me? Haha! No no, i am more worth than Xerneas."

A Absol stepped forward and bowed. "Hello, my name is Kitty!! >w< I am the disaster Pokemon. My father was a hunter, but i don't know where he is now.. I am happy to see that my mother is still here." He said and smiled at Phantom. "I am given Poke Beans to, and i love my trainer. We are currently taking on the trials in Alola."

A Celebi popped up. "I can't even be bred. My trainer used a cheating device. I'm sorry mother, or father? My trainer didn't give any information, they just gave some Ditto the fault." They paused. "I will go now. Sorry."

And finally.. A Magikarp?? "KARP KARP I AM CHESA I LOVE LET IT GO PLEASE LOVE MEE-" dead. "Should we do something?" Bruce asked. "Nah." Kitty >w< said.

"See Iggle? You have siblings." Phantom said, but Iggle was gone. Was it too much for them?​