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Fallout 4 Countdown!: Fallout 4 Countdown (Art Marathon) piece 9 (Final piece!)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Be prepared as Fallout 4 will be released by midnight! It's here! Fallout 4 will be here in about 6 hours (Well, for my time anyways)! ^^ The excitement is real!

The characters in this image:

  • Raven; the top left corner
  • Aya; on the "F"
  • Spirit; next to the "F"
  • Tigerfrost; behind the first "L"
  • Emerald; on the last "L"
  • Hawkfeather; behind the "O"
  • Amberscar; top right corner
  • Leafclaw; next the the 4
Raven, Aya, Spirit, Tigerfrost, Emerald, Hawkfeather, Amberscar, and Leafclaw all belong to @NightRaven
Fallout 4 belongs to Bethesda
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  1. NightRaven
    Fallout 4 is closer than it seems as it will be here by 12:00 A.M.! The excitement is real! Ready your controlers and consoles for Fallout 4! The game will be here far before we know it; only a few more hours and Fallout 4, a game we've been waiting for for 7 years, will be released. After all this time, years have passed...and Fallout 4 has finally arrived!

    I'm sure this game will be absolutely amazing! It may not look the best, but graphics are barely anything comapred to gameplay. Gameplay is the most important element in games. Graphics are only visuals, but the game-play is what counts the most. A game could have bad graphics, but it could still be an amazing game no matter what.

    I'm surprised on the reviews for Fallout 4. Though, yes, everyone has their own opinions, I don't see how Fallout 4 is...bad. I believe, and hope, that Fallout 4 will be as good as some people say. The game may look like a better Skyrim, but I'm sure it'll be amazing!

    And would you look at that; I just got a Fallout 4 ad. Heh ^^ What a coincidence.
    Nov 10, 2015
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