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Falling into the Night

by ShogunZoro

ShogunZoro "You stole my heart
Like you were wrapped in fragile air
You had a lonely gaze

In the world always ringing with "tick-tocks," again and again
Touching the heartless words and loud voices
Even if tears are about to spill
If it were the two of us together
I'm sure mundane happiness could be found

In the troubling days, for the never-smiling you
I give my utmost love in hopes for the dazzling tomorrow
In the never ending night before we fall
Come and take my hand
Even the days that you hid inside, wanting to forget
It'll melt with the warmth of my embraces
No need to be afraid, until dawn comes someday
Let's be together"
-YOASOBI - Racing into the Night

Two love birds falling in from an embrace eh? How will this blind zoroark manage?