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I’m doing Fakemons... Again: Fakemons are still a thing.... Right?

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain Hi guys, I’m doing fakemon again, and wanted to kick it off with a bang, so I decided to make a set of 7 legendaries

Random guy: 7? Let me guess... the 7 Deadly Sins?

No, I’m not gonna beat that dead horse any more than it has been beaten...

Random guy 2: so the 7 Heavenly Virtues?

Nope, I’m doing legendaries based on the 7 wonders of the ancient world! Starting with the boss, who is based on the statue of everyones’ favorite king of godly debauchery, Zeus.... so I guess here you go guys, my fakemon based on the statue of Zeus in Olympia

Cosmolymp (Cosmos - Olympus)
Rock / Electric
Gender : Genderless
Ability : Pressure - Levitate (HA)
Moveset when caught:

Ancient Power
Thunder Storm* (Signature move)
Pokédex Entry:
COSMOLYMP is one of Seven, and the King of the Seven. It assists the transition between weathers when another Legendary changes the weather, and it can generate enough electricity to power a city for 50 years in a single bolt of lightning

* The user changes the weather to Rainy, All Pokemon that aren’t electric types take 1/8 of their HP as damage at the end of every turn, the damage is considered Electric Type and the damage is doubled against Steel Type pokemon
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