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Indian legue: Fakemon

by LizardWizard

LizardWizard Trainer bob is trapped in the Freedian Forest...

Whoa[:-O]i said looking at all the trees,i see a Venonavitt and a Kakonamatatas but no lightning type.
I found a Wheedrill fighting a Graztanitar i leave them alone,then this trainer approaches"Brah,lets have a battle!"
He choose Skellpy!
So i chose Flamer!
Skellpy used Vine whip!
It was not very effective...
Flamer used fire ball!
Super effective!
Skellpy was knocked out!
So i was walking and?
"Come at me bro u mad"Said trainer Dickbutt!
Go Gotitaz!
Gotitaz used holy water!
Flamer is now confused!
Flamer use bite!
Flamer bit himself!
"What how does that even work!"I said...

3 hours later...
Flamer use tail whip!
Gotitaz took %5 damage!
Gotitaz was knocked out!
"dickbutt will have its revenge ill come back!!!!!!!!!!!"
Finally,so i was walking and i see fifteen more trainers!

To be continued...
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  1. Sylvious
    This is really good and an improvement from the last episode (Chapter)! Although punctuation error's "tail whip" should be "Tail Whip" since it's a Pokémon move. And there should be a space between quotation marks and commas. It should be like "Example, example", not "Example,example". Other than that, this episode (Chapter) is really entertaining! I haven't seen many Fakémon works around here (Nobody is giving me Fakémon requests :(). Keep up the good work :)

    Jan 29, 2016
    LizardWizard likes this.
  2. Frontier Master
    Frontier Master
    As stated in the past chapter. The content is alright but the lack of proper grammar and swapping between different tenses makes the whole thing hard to follow and makes it again very messy
    Jan 25, 2016
  3. LizardWizard
    Episode 2:Trainers in the Freedian forest!
    Jan 13, 2016