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Fakemon: Fakemon: Zip, Zap and Shockking

by Mr Fishykarp

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.07.29 PM.png
Mr Fishykarp Introducing the next three Pokemon of my Fakedex, Zip, Zap and ZipZap (Kidding, the third one is Shockking)
Unfortunately I could not make them as simplistic as I could Bunnibread and Toasterabbit and admittedly i'm not the best at making Bird Pokemon sprites

Name: Zip
Species: The Lightning Bird Pokemon
Dex Entry: Zip, while not very powerful, is Lightning quick and able to easily escape most predators
Typing: Flying/Normal
Ability: Motor Drive/Speed Boost

Name: Zap
Species: The Thunder Bird Pokemon
Dex Entry: Zap's oddly shaped body makes escaping from predators much harder than its pre-evolution, but what it lacks in speed in makes up for in strength. After absorbing lightning from a storm it can channel that electricity into power.
Typing: Flying/Electric
Ability: Lightning Rod/Static

Name: Shockking (Shocking + King)
Species: The Electricity Bird Pokemon
Dex Entry: Shockking is normally found leading a flock of Zip and Zap into Thunderstorms to absorb its electricity.
Typing: Flying/Electric
Ability: Speed Boost/Lightning Rod