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Fakemon: The Shellite Line!

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars My first Fakemon design! A bit morbid, but it works!

Name: Shellite (The Rock Shell Pokémon)
Gender Ratio: 50/50
Type: Rock
Ability: Stone Guard (Halves damage from physical attacks)
Pokedex Entries:
1. This Pokemon holds up the rock it is under for all of its life. Scientists think it is part of the Pokemon.
2. This Pokemon is in a constant struggle until it evolves. It it fails to lift the rock on its back, it dies.
Appearance: The main Pokemon is a small, turtle-like being. It has a tan body. It had four legs with three small, white claws, and a tail with a dark tip. The head is small with large, brown eyes. On its back is a brown, jagged rock.
Egg Group: Mineral
Evolves while leveling up and holding either an Air Balloon (Shellgus) or Iron Ball (Igneplasm)

Name: Shellgus (The Strong Rock Pokémon)
Gender: 50/50
Type: Rock
Ability: Stone Guard
Pokedex entries:
1. This is a Shellite that overpowered the weight on its back. Despite its dangerous appearance, it is very friendly to everybody.
2. This evolved Pokémon is the protector of younger Shellite. At night, its kin rest on the flattened area of the shell.
Appearance: The main body simply looks like a Shellite, but larger. It's eyes are smaller and sharper, and the rock on its back has expanded and the middle is relatively flat. Small, dark rocks also coat the Pokémon's legs.
Egg group: Mineral
Evolves from Shellite while holding an Air Balloon and leveling up

Name: Igneplasm (The Spirit Rock Pokémon)
Gender: 50/50
Type: Ghost/Rock
Ability: Rock Guardian (Cuts damage from physical attacks by 25% for it and its allies)
Pokedex entries:
1. This rare Shellite was put under extreme stress and collapsed. Now, it protects other Pokémon from the same fate.
2. Despite being bonded to the rock that rested on it in life, this Pokémon can still move. It uses psychic powers to carry the rock.
Appearance: A small, jagged rock, much like Shellite's, rests on the ground. Three large crystals jut out of it. From these three crystals a dark mist rise before forming a vague, purple, turtle-like shape. This formation features glowing orange eyes that seems to project an aura around where they can view.
Egg group: Mineral
Evolves from Shellite while holding an Iron Ball and leveling up
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