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Fakemon Series: Fakemon Series: Water Starters. Volkit

by Nyxel

So i made my final starter for my region.
its a sabertooth pokemon called Volkit. its a water and Electric type

Name: Volkit

appearance: Volkit is a small cat like pokemon but later on it grows it fangs when it evolves.
it is blue on its side and on in the middle its like a lightlingbolt running down to its tail. and on its paws its fur is yellow and a little bit of blue on middle toe. on its head it's ears are big like a cats and it its ears are a mix of blue and yellow. in the middle of its blue chest there is a small patch of yellow fur. its tail is shaped like a lightingbolt and its yellow.

Type: Water/Electric

Ability: Volt Aura
this Ability is an ability that is in use when Volkit is in a low health and its about to faint.
this powers up its attack and its electric type moves.

New Moves:
Electric Storm
This move is a water type move, it is like a electric rain storm comes in and the other pokemon gets hit by a lighting bolt that. but thats not all it makes it were it starts to rain.

Here you go
i'm sorry i wouldn't think of a good name for a dark and water type
  1. Nyxel
    Mar 21, 2017
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