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Fakemon: Fakemon (more to come)

by Staroid

Staroid These Fakemon have been almost everywhere on 'Charms, most of them being suggested for the Eliz region. I will explain them more in their own written works. These can be used for your own uses if you credit me.
1) Frostcub, the cub Pokemon. It is an ice type, and they are the first evolution of Cryolf, the arctic wolf Pokemon, which is a dark type and an ice type.
2) Pyrare, the fire hare Pokemon. It is a fire type and first evolution of Firunny, a fighting type and a fire type. It evolves it to Harire.
3) Vinebear, the bear cub Pokemon. It is a grass type and it doesn't evolve.
4) Lilale, the whale Pokemon. It is a grass type and water type and it evolves into Grashale, the lily Pokemon which is also a grass type and water type.
5) Dralf, the alpha wolf Pokemon. It is a Dragon type and a Dark type. It does not evolve.
6) Shadeon; the zombie Pokemon. It is a ghost type. It does not evolve.
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    Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    May 21, 2017
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