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Vitala Region: Fakemon Legendary: Larirey

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir Concept notes for Larirey, one of the Vitala region's legendary beasts.
Species name: Larirey (Lah-rih-ray)

Gender: Male

Type: Water/Fairy

Pokedex entry: Larirey, the lake monster pokemon. It is said to live deep in the waters of Lake Sauro, gliding through the water while making itself invisible, except for the outline of its body. Humans who see Larirey in its true form are said to become blessed with good luck.

Ability: Lake blessing. At the start of each battle, Larirey's defense is boosted by 10%. If in a double, or triple battle, his allies with also receive defensive boosts.

Appearance: Larirey has a long, thin neck and small head, connecting to a fat body. He has four fins, two small ones at the back, and two at the fronts, which are light blue, and look a little like frilly sleeves. Two white tentacles wrap around the neck, with a blue structure resembling a sapphire, cut en trillion at the base of the throat.

Signature Move: Neptune's rage. Larirey throws a tidal wave at the opponent. This attack has a 50/50 chance of scoring a one hit KO.

Additional notes: The last part of the name, rey, means 'king'.

Larirey is based off of the lariosauro, a mythical Italian lake monster.