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Fakemon Legendary: Guardian Muermonio

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir Muermonio, the second of the Nita region's two legendaries
Name: Muermonio

Type: Ghost/Dark

Gender: Genderless

Ability: Marked For Death (Unless the opposing pokemon is equipped with a Vidangel Robe, they will faint within five turns)

Appearance: Muermonio resembles an exceptionally thin young woman, with dark purple skin, and a tattered black robe. It has a chrysanthemum arrangement in its hank of black hair, and eyes which cannot open. It also carries a heavily decorated purple scythe, which can kill with a single touch.

Signature Move: Sanzu Stream (Muermonio attacks once, with a stream of water from the Sanzu river)