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Vitala Region: Fakemon Legendary: Dahugina

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir Concept notes for Dahugina, one of the Vitala region's two legendary beasts.
Species name: Dahugina (Pronounced, 'Dah-hoo-jee-na)

Gender: Female

Type: Ground/Fairy

Pokedex entry: Dahugina, the ibex pokemon. Dahugina is said to wander the mountains in search of injured pokemon and humans, which it then heals with its shining horns. For this, it is known as the angel of the mountains.

Appearance: Dahugina has huge pink, pearlesecent horns, which curl out in opposite directions. Her hooves are light brown, and her body is mostly white, with a grey underbelly, and a pink tail. Her horns glow bright pink when she attacks.

Signature move: Mythical horns. Dahugina's body flashes several colours, before she charges at the enemy. This move causes a small amount of recoil damage to Dahugina.

Ability: Buddy boost. If Dahugina's ally is near fainting in a double battle, Dahugina will boost its HP by twenty points.

Additional notes: The name, Dahugina, is a combination of Dahu, and Regina, which means, 'queen'. The dahu is a mythical creature which appears in Italian and French folklore, and since the Vitala region is based on Italy, I thought it fitting to make a legendary based on Italian myths.