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Fakemon: Gargon Region: Fakemon: Katama(Fire Starter)

by Fraseandchico

Drawing (10).png
Fraseandchico Hiya! I Know Some Of You Might have Been Waiting For It, So Here! My Fire Starter, Katama
Base Stats:
Hp: 25
Atk: 20
Def: 47
Sp Atk: 35
Sp Def: 52
Speed: 19
Type: Fire
Pokedex Entry:
Katama Spends Most Of Its Time In Warm Places, Such As Volcanoes, Its Favourite food Is Lava, And Can Be Highly Aggressive, It Has Hair Which Can Shapeshift, Earning This Pokémon's name As The Changing Fire Pokémon.
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