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Indian legue: Fakemon indian league

by LizardWizard

LizardWizard Bob and broahk fight unexpected criminals!
Yes <---

Bob said bye to broak.
Broahk said bye.
but just then at that same moment two mysterious people appear!A man with green hair and a beautiful woman with orange hair,two ponytails and pink triangular earrings.
Bob and Broak flinched as they sang a song...

"Prepare for trouble and make it double"Sang the man.
"To infect the world with devastation"Sang the woman.
"To blide all people in every nation"Sang the man.
"To denounce the goodness of truth and love"Sang the woman.
"To extend our wrath to the stars above"Sang the man.
"Cassity! "Said the woman/Cassity!
"And butch"Said the man/Butch!
"Team rocket circling earth all day and night! "Said Cassity.
"surrender to us now or you'll surely lose the fight! "Said butch.
"Raticate"Cried a mysterious Fakemon.
"Who's that fakemon? "questioned Bob
Fakedex:No Data...
"Thats weird? "Said Bob looking all confused.
"That must be a new species of fakemon! " Yelled broahk.
"Look at all these pokemon cassity"Said butch quietly.
"Remember we can't say that in this universe"Said Cassity quietly.
"Why again? "questioned Butch.
"Because of this multiverse has no pokemon only ..."coughed Cassity.
"Fakemon" coughed Cassity.
"Well then let's get those "Fakemon" for the boss"Said Butch
"you are not stealing my fakemon Botch!"Yelled Bob
"... Even in this universe they call me Botch,Its Butch!"said Butch
"Go Hitmontop!"Said butch.
Hit,hitmontop!Cried hitmontop
Go flamer!
Flamer used Scratch!
Not very effective.
Hitmontop used triple kick!
Pretty effective?
Flamer used double kick!
Pretty effective.
Go haundor!Said Cassity.
"What! ok if you use two fakemon we will two!"Yelled Broahk!
Go Cobick!Said broahk.
Cob,cob,Cobick!said the lil cobick.
Cobick used Dark bite on hitmontop!
Pretty effective.

To be continued!
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  1. LizardWizard
    Episode 3 part 2 "Digging the rock gym"
    Feb 14, 2016
  2. LizardWizard
    Sorry that is so long :/
    Feb 13, 2016