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Fakemon Indian League

by LizardWizard

Bob gets out of the freedian forest.
"Finally some light" Bob said as he walks to the fakemon center.
Flamer is fully healed after all does battles with pubu's and xubu's.
He goes to the first gym!
The gym leader Broahk(Yes that his name don't complain ok >:/ )
"My gym has all kind of weak rock fakemon" Broahk said
"Well i'm Bob From tellap town and i want to battle!
"very well then i will chose only 2 fakemon while you can chose all ready, let's go!"Screamed Broahk.
Gym leader broahk wants to battle!
Broahk send out cob!
'Who's that fakemon?"Questioned Bob
"Cob :3" said cob
"oh so thats a cob"Bob said mischievously..?
Go flamer!
Cob use Double Kick!
Not very effective.
Flamer used Fire ball!
It's a critical hit!
Cob Fainted!
"I see you used flamer to kill cob because cob is carbon" Said Broahk
"Yeah" Yelled Bob
"Then there is no hope for my next Fakemon you get the Rokky badge"Said broahk
"why?"Said Bob
"Even do its his turn and it's a bit stronger it's still going to explode to so i don't want to use potions"Explained Broahk.
"Oh ok"Said Bob disappointed

End Part One?
Yes <---/
  1. LizardWizard
    Episode 3 part 1: Digging the rock gym!
    Feb 12, 2016
  2. LizardWizard
    It's only part one!
    Feb 12, 2016