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Fakemon: Fakemon Idea: Jelisite, Parastar and Psystar

by Mr Fishykarp

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 4.11.45 PM.png
Mr Fishykarp Name: Jelisite (Jellyfish + Parasite)
Species: Jellyfish Pokemon
Dex Entry: Jelisite, the Jellyfish Pokemon. It normally travels in groups, and teams up to ingest prey much bigger than itself by breaking it apart with a strange psychic energy
Typing: Water
Ability: Torrent

Name: Parastar (Parasite + Star)
Species: The Psychic Jellyfish Pokemon
Dex Entry: Parastar, the Psychic Jellyfish Pokemon. The star inside of Parastar which gives it its psychic energy begins to exit its body, increasing the Psychic powers but causing the Jellyfish to loose the ability to eat and become nothing more than a Parasite, robbing the star of its energy and limiting its potential
Typing: Water
Ability: Torrent

Name: Psystar (Psychic + Star)
Species: The Psychic Star Pokemon
Dex Entry: Psystar, the Psychic Star Pokemon.The Jellyfish which drained the Psychic Energy from Psystar has finally been overcome by Psystar's psychic powers, which now have nothing holding them back.
Typing: Water/Psychic
Ability: Torrent