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Fakemon: Gargon Region: Fakemon: Gamorata(Fire Starter Final Evo)

by Fraseandchico

Drawing (14).png
Fraseandchico So This is the Fire Starter of The Gargon Region In Its Final Form! Gamorata! The Flame Witch Pokémon!
Base Stats
Hp: 160
Atk: 156
Def: 159
Sp Atk: 210
Sp Def: 212
Speed: 248
Type: Fire/Psychic
Pokedex Entry
After Evolution, Gamorata Learns Dark Magic, Encasing Some Of Their Body In magic, Gaining A Strange Purple Aura, This Pokémon Can Cause Mountains To Fall with A Mere Thought. can Still Create Lava Lamps.
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