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Fakemon/Fanmon - Solorb

by NeonLugia

Solorb - Both (Big).png
NeonLugia Another old sprite I submitted to DeviantArt in March.
Feedback is welcome!


The Solar Sphere Pokemon
Type: Light; Fire(?)
Abilities: Solar Heal, Illuminate
Evolves Into: n/a
Signature Moves: Light Beam*
Dex Entries:
Earthquake Version - "Solorb like to absorb the suns light energy, so they are very common on sunny days."
Hurricane Version - "Solorb use the sun's light energy to repair any damages to its body."

*Light Beam
Type: Light
PP - 10
Power - 55
Acc - 95
"The user attacks with an intense beam of light. The intense light lowers the foe's accuracy."
  1. AzureEdge
    This is very unique, but I can't help to notice it's very similar to Castform (as in versions) and Solosis and Solrock, and that makes it amazing~
    Good job!
    Dec 6, 2014
    NeonLugia likes this.