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Fakemon/Fanmon - Serpura

by NeonLugia

Serpura - Normal and Shiny (Big).png
NeonLugia Something I made back in March and submitted to DeviantArt.
The one on the right marked with the star is the shiny version, by the way.

Feedback is welcome, seeing as I didn't really get any on DeviantArt...


The Spitfire Pokemon
Type: Poison; Fire
Abilities: Intimidate,
Evolves Into: n/a
Signature Moves: Burning Venom*,
Dex Entries:
Earthquake Version - "Serpura are normally quite docile, so they are often kept as pets. However, when provoked they can inject a non-lethal venom that is incredibly painful."
Hurricane Version - "The orange orb on Serpuras' tail contains the fiery venom that Serpura injects into their foes. It is also allows Serpura to use fire-type attacks."

*Burning Venom
Type: Poison
PP - 10
Power - 20
Acc - 90
"The user bites the foe and injects venom that makes the opponent feel like it's on fire. Causes burn"
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  1. Green Dragon
    Green Dragon
    Hmm, that's kewl. Only thing I must say is that the orb on the shiny is the same, but that's nit-picking.
    Dec 7, 2014
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