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Fakemon Concept Notes: Phantagua

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir Concept notes for one of my fakemon, Phantagua. You can use this in an RP, if you like, as long as you ask for my permission first.
Species Name: Phantagua

Type: Ghost/Water

Gender Ratio: 100% female

Pokedex entry: Phantagua, the sea hag pokemon. According to legend, these pokemon are the spirits of young women who died while lost at sea. They give their pearls to humans as tokens of friendship, and fight valiantly to protect their friends.

Appearance: Phantagua is a humanoid pokemon, with turquiose skin, and deep blue, flowing hair, which is decorated with pearl beads. Its arms resemble long kimono sleeves, which are deep blue, and bear silvery stripes, resembling stitching, at the ends. A large white sash, with peach baroque pearls is tied around the waist. Under the sash is a white frill, resembling a petticoat, which is mostly covered by more deep blue.

Signature move: Davy-Jones' Locker. The user attacks the target by dragging them deep into a watery vortex. If the target is fire-type, this attack results in a one hit K.O. The target is prevented from fleeing, or switching out.

Ability: Limber