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Fakemon: Fakemon: Bunnibread and Toasterabbit

by Mr Fishykarp

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 6.26.15 PM.png
Mr Fishykarp Not, this is not a joke. These are the "common Rodents" of my Fakedex, but with a twist. Introducing!

Name: Bunnibread (Bunny + Bread)
Species: The Bread Rabbit Pokemon
Dex Entry: Bunnibread utilises its Breadlike appearance to sneak into humans' homes to steal food. However as such, many have succumbed to accidentally being bitten into by the unsuspecting humans.
Typing: Normal
Ability: Keen Eye/Pickup

Name: Toasterabbit (Toaster + Rabbit)
Species: The Toast Rabbit Pokemon
Dex Entry: Toasterabbit is much more aggressive than its pre-evolution, and is as hard as stone. As such, a trainer biting into Toasterabbit by accident will most likely loose a few teeth.
Typing: Normal/Rock
Ability: Guts/Pickpocket
  1. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    Ok I'm looking back at this and it's occurred to me that I implied that people are accidentally eating these bread pokemon.
    Jan 24, 2019
  2. 13InHeaven
    Dec 18, 2017