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Fairy Tail Gym Leaders & Elite Four

by sucuri

sucuri Because I am not great drawer, but am big fun of Fairy Tail I came up with idea to make little bit of mash up. I will try to inconporate those characters into my Pokemon Story.
It would be nice if someone would help me to do fanarts of them. Alert: It is all my opinion, I tried to capture each characters identity.
Region Magnolia
Dragon Slayers Gym Leaders
Erik Cobra (Poison Dragon Badge), TM given - Toxic:
1. Kinana - Arbok (Poison), Female, Shed Skin - Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Crunch, Thunder Fang
2. Drapi - Drapion (Poison/Dark), Male, Sniper - Venoshock, Poison Spikes, Earthquake, Aqua Tail
3. King - Nidoking (Poison/Ground), Male, Poison Point - Earth Power, Thunder, Fire Blast, Surf
4. Haunty - Haunter (Ghost/Poison), Female, Levitate - Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Dazzling Gleam
5. Dilgi - Dragagle (Poison/Dragon), Female, Adaptability - Scald, Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt, Draco Meteor
6. Bee - Beedrill (Bug/Poison), Male, Mega, Adaptability - Silver Wind, U-Turn, Sludge Bomb, Agility

Wendy Marvell (Wind Dragon Badge), TM given - Roost:
1. Draka - Dragonair, (Dragon), Female, Marvel Scale - Thunder Wave, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Ice Beam
2. Noivy - Noivern (Flying/Dragon), Male, Infiltrator - Moonlight, Hurricane, Sunny Day, Outrage
3. Arctchi - Articuno (Ice/Flying), Female, Snow Cloak - Sheer Cold, Hail, Ice Beam, Fly
4. Grados - Gyarados (Water/Flying), Male, Intimidate - Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower
5. Carla - Togekiss (Fairy/Flying), Female, Super Luck - Aura Sphere, Psyshock, Toxic, Dazzling Gleam
6. Alty - Altaria (Dragon/Flying), Female, Mega, Pixilate - Hyper Beam, Mist, Sky Attack, Dragon Pulse

Gajeel Redfox (Steel Dragon Badge), TM given - Gyro Ball:
1. Armory - Skarmory (Steel/Flying), Male, Sturdy - Stealth Rock, Air Slash, Sandstorm, Iron Head
2. Snaky - Steelix (Steel/Ground), Male, Sturdy - Fire Fang, Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Explosion
3. Lily - Bisharp (Dark/Steel), Male, Inner Focus - Iron Defense, Guillotine, Swords Dance, Dark Pulse
4. Scythy - Scizor (Bug/Steel), Male, Swarm - X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Toxic, Roost
5. Dial - Dialga (Dragon/Steel), Male, Pressure - Roar of Time, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Overheat
6. Cario - Lucario (Fight/Steel), Male, Mega, Adaptability - Aura Sphere, Foresight, Me First, Power-up Punch

Laxus Dreyar (Electric Dragon Badge), TM given - Thunder:
1. Lux - Luxray (Electric), Male, Guts - Wild Charge, Toxic, Thunder, Rain Dance
2. Dragon - Dragonite (Dragon/Flying), Male, Multiscale - Thunder Wave, Dragon Rush, Roost, Ice Beam
3. Mouse - Raichu (Electric), Female, Lightning Rod - Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Volt Switch, Volt Tackle
4. Eel - Eelektross (Electric), Male, Levitate - Zap Cannon, Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt, Power-Up Punch
5. Zippy - Zapdos (Electric/Flying), Male, Static - Roost, Zap Cannon, Thunder, Toxic
6. Ampher - Ampharos (Electric), Male, Mega, Mold Breaker - Ion Deluge, Fire Punch, Electro Ball, Hyper Beam

Rogue Cheney (Shadow Dragon Badge), TM given - Dark Pulse:
1. Umbra - Umbreon-Shiny (Dark), Female, Synchronize - Mean Look, Last Resort, Protect, Dark Pulse
2. Frosch - Houndoom (Dark/Fire), Male, Flash Fire - Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Will-O-Wisp
3. Spiral - Spiritomb (Ghost/Dark), Male, Infiltrator - Ominous Wind, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak
4. Hydra - Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon), Female, Levitate - Outrage, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse
5. Zick - Zekrom (Dragon/Electric), Male, Teravolt - Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike, Psychic, Magnet Rise
6. Tyrant - Tyranitar (Rock/Dark), Male, Mega, Sand Stream - Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, Earthquake

Natsu Dragneel (Fire Dragon Badge), TM given - Will-O-Wisp:
1. Pyro - Pyroar (Fire/Normal), Male, Moxie - Nobel Roar, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Dark Pulse
2. Simy - Simisear (Fire), Male, Blaze - Flame Burst, Fire Blast, Power-up Punch, Disarming Voice
3. Rotty - Rotom (Electric/Fire), Male - Electro Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Overheat
4. Infinity - Infernape (Fire/Fight), Female, Iron Fist - Flame Wheel, Earthquake, Power-Up Punch, Fire Punch
5. Molten - Moltres (Fire/Flying), Male, Flame Body - Sky Attack, Flamethrower, Roost, Protect
6. Happy - Charizard (Fire/Flying), Male, Mega X, Tough Claws - Flare Blitz, Sky Drop, Rock Slide, Beat Up

Lucy Heartfilia (Celestial Dragon Spirit Badge), TM given - Psybeam:
1. Taurus - Tauros (Normal), Male, Anger Point - Zen Headbutt, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Sleep Talk
2. Aquarius - Cloyster (Water/Ice), Female, Shell Armor - Toxic Spikes, Aurora Beam, Icicle Crash, Explosion
3. Gemini - Grumpig (Psychic), Male, Thick Fat - Psybeam, Odor Sleuth, Magic Coat, Psychic
4. Aries - Girafarig (Psychic/Normal), Female, Sap Sipper - Psybeam, Psychic, Agility, Dazzling Gleam
5. Sagittarius - Kingdra (Water/Dragon), Male, Sniper - Ice Beam, Scald, Dragon Rage, Rest
6. Leo - Gallade (Psychic/Fight), Male, Mega, Inner Focus - Stored Power, Swords Dance, Thunderbolt, Earthquake

Sting Eucliffe (Light Dragon Badge), TM given - Draco Meteor:
1. Electra - Electabuzz (Electric), Female, Static - Thunder, Psychic, Hammer Arm, Electroweb
2. Lector - Heliolisk (Electric/Normal), Male, Dry Skin - Parabolic Charge, Electrify, Hyper Beam, Volt Switch
3. Latsy - Latios (Dragon/Psychic), Male, Levitate - Heal Block, Luster Purge, Psycho Shift, Outrage
4. Room - Rotom (Electric/Ice), Male, Levitate - Electro Ball, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Blizzard
5. Reshi - Reshiram (Dragon/Fire), Male, Turboblaze - Fusion Flare, Blue Flare, Outrage, Protect
6. Ray - Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying), Male, Mega, Delta Stream - Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Thunder Wave, Extreme Speed

Four Elements Elite Four:
Erza Scarlet , Titania:
1. Agi, Aegislash (Steel/Ghost), Male, Stance Change - King's Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Iron Defense, Head Smash
2. Poleo, Empoleon (Water/Steel), Male, Torrent - Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Scald, Steel Wing
3. Drill, Excadrill (Ground/Steel), Female, Sand Force - Sandstorm, Earthquake, Fissure, Sleep Talk, Rapid Spin
4. Bronzy, Bronzong (Steel/Psychic), Female, Heatproof - Heal Block, Hypnosis, Future Sight, Psychic
5. Regi, Registeel (Steel), Male, Light Metal - Hammer Arm, Iron Defense, Zap Cannon, Thunder Wave
6. Metalica, Metagross (Steel/Psychic), Female, Mega, Tough Claws - Miracle Eye, Meteor Mash, Magnet Rise, Psychic

Juvia Lockser:
1. Goldy, Golduck (Water), Female, Cloud Nine - Hydro Pump, Scald, Ice Beam, Psychic
2. Valeria, Vaporeon (Water), Female, Water Absorb - Aqua Ring, Aurora Beam, Shadow Ball, Trump Card
3. Swampy, Swampert (Water/Ground), Male, Damp - Earthquake, Blizzard, Refresh, Outrage
4. Mili, Milotic (Water), Female, Marvel Scale - Recover, Ice Beam, Scald, Magic Coat
5. Sissi, Suicune (Water), Female, Water Absorb - Blizzard, Dig, Aurora Beam, Toxic
6. Stoisy, Blastoise (Water), Male, Mega, Mega Launcher - Water Pulse, Earthquake, Scald, Dark Pulse

Gray Fullbuster:
1. Glacid, Glaceon (Ice), Male, Ice Body - Hail, Last Resort, Frost Breath, Ice Beam
2. Ul, Lapras (Water/Ice), Female, Water Absorb - Perish Song, Sheer Cold, Thunderbolt, Sleep Talk
3. Ultear, Froslass (Ice/Ghost), Female, Snow Cloak - Destiny Bond, Draining Kiss, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt
4. Leon, Regice (Ice), Male, Ice Body - Hail, Zap Cannon, Superpower, Ice Beam
5. Hak, Kyurem (Dragon/Ice), Male, Pressure - Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, Ice Burn, Fusion Bolt
6. Gungnir, Glalie (Ice), Male, Mega, Refrigerate - Sheer Cold, Hail, Powder Snow, Freeze-Dry

Romeo Conbolt:
1. Arcanine, (Fire), Male
2. Talonflame, (Fire/Flying), Female
3. Delphox, (Fire/Psychic), Female
4. Typhlosion, (Fire), Male
5. Entei, (Fire), Male
6. Blaziken (Fire/Fight), Male, Mega

Region Champion:
1. Greninja, (Water/Dark), Male
2. Zoroark, (Dark), Male
3. Yveltal, (Dark/Flying), Male
4. Xerneas, (Fairy), Female
5. Mewtwo, (Psychic), Male
6. Charizard, (Fire/Flying), Male, Mega Y

That would be all, I will try to have those people in my story. But, first Mike needs to win at least several badges.
Characters not owned by me.
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