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Fairy/Ice Type?

by Aura

Aura A friend of mine and I ended up in a conversation about Fairy Tail, or, more specifically, about what magic we'd want to use if we existed in that universe. He wanted to be a first generation Ice Dragon Slayer, and I thought it might be kind of fun to design how he'd look or rather I wanted to follow any creative spark I felt to try and escape the feeling of general apathy I've been stuck in recently. Anyway, if you happen to know what the hell I'm talking about, what kind of magic would you want use if you lived in the Fairy Tail Universe?
  1. Ry_Burst
    @Aura, ahm makes sense. Interesting concept. (And TBH, I was thinking more along the lines of Major Armstrong... But I mean he is like one of the best characters).

    Also I didn't say it yet, but good job. He seems to give off a badass vibe, and I don't know why but it does. It's a pretty cool drawing.
    Jan 24, 2018
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  2. Aura
    @TheAssasinRiolu I made a mistake and told him you thought that. His ego is intolerable now, send help >>

    @Ry_Burst I actually was thinking of FMA, but of Mustang's gloves rather than Ed, and the way they let him bypass some of the limitations in the system. Basically the idea was that he's infused those gauntlet's with his own magic to allow him to keep fighting even if he completely drains himself, hence the magical circle on them.
    Jan 23, 2018
  3. Ry_Burst
    TBH, the gauntlet reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist....
    Jan 22, 2018
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  4. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    Chuck Noris is dat u mate ?
    Jan 22, 2018
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