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Mystery Dungeon : Rising Eclipse: Failure

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Really, just as the Title says. FAILURE

Midnight sighed, waking up to Amethyst sitting on him. He sat up straight, Amethyst rolling off his back. He smiled, walking off. He slowly crept to the door. opening it very slowly, and closing it slowly, trying not to wake Amethyst. He smiled, walking off. It was still pretty dark out, and no one was out either. Midnight smiled, having the Guild to be himself. He quickly ran past the rooms, stopping at D1. The Guild wasn't built too long ago, really only two weeks ago, even then Teams have always prepare to join the guild. D1, was the room of Team FireStar, how he knew, it was on the door.

He smiled, wanting to knock. but was too scared. A few minutes later, Midnight ran back to his room, not gaining the courage to knock on the door. He sighed, opening the door and shutting it, finding Amethyst still sleeping. It was still dark out, and Midnight wasn't sleeping any time soon. He sighed, plucking a berry into his mouth, waiting for sunrise. His tail would Occasionally flick left and right, Midnight counting time by seconds, trying to pass this time.

It wasn't long until Amethyst woke up, looking around. "Oh, Hey Midnight." She smiled, walking over. She then lied down next to him. "So, wanna do a mission?" She asked. Midnight sighed, then smiled. "I have no other choice do I?" He smirked. Amethyst smiled, giving him a sarcastic stare. Midnight sighed, standing on all fours. "Fine, let's go." Midnight smiled. Amethyst smiled back, standing up, she then led him over to the Request Board. Midnight smiled, looking at the various Requests posted. He read the Harder Ones first.

"Please I could use some Assistance, I need you to take down 'Zoroark the Great'. Hes been causing haveck all around Hydro City. He's too sly, and we need some assistance in catching him." The note read.

Midnight then realised they were at the Wanted Board. He then smiled, turning to Amethyst and handing her the note. "Let's do this." He smiled. Amethyst grabbed the note, reading it carefully. She sighed. "I guess I owe you one, so why not." She smiled. Midnight smiled back. "Alright! Let's go." He smiled, walking out, Amethyst close behind.

They took Driftveil Services, taking them to Hydro City. Amethyst smiled, looking at his view from the Pokemon lifting them up. She then turned to Midnight, who was cowering in fear. "Uh, Why did I agree to this." He frowned, paws over head. Amethyst smiked, instead of bothering and teasing Midnight, she continued to stare off.

Soon they made it to Hydro City, where Midnight and Amethyst dashed out, Midnight hugging the ground, while Amethyst laughing. Midnight sighed, picking himself up, then smiling. "So, where should we look first?" He asked, then immediately turned around to see an Explosion, an Zoroark coming out. He then smiled. "Looks like we should start over their." Midnight smiled. He then dashed over, Amethyst frowned, following behind.

The Zoroark was holding a bag of jewelry, a wicked smile on its face. He then transformed into a Delibird, then taking off. He was only a few feet in the air before he was stopped, being dragged down by Midnight. The Zoroark Growled. "Ugh, I have no time for you pest!" He growled. He then transformed into a Blaziken, using Blaze Kick, hitting Midnight off. Midnight fell to the ground, a puff of smoke during impact. The dust cleared to see a Shadow Ball being shot out. Zoroark frowned, quickly Transforming Into a Pidgeot, dodging the blow. He then smiled, almost making it away till he hit in the back by Swift. The Swift Attack was from Amethyst. Zoroark Growled. He then transformed into a Wailord. When this happened Amethyst started running for her life, running away from the Ginourmous Wailord, about to crash. She frowned, using Quick Attack, making it out on time before the Wailord crashed. Once the Wailord crashed, Zoroark transformed into an Arcanine, using Extreme Speed, attacking Amethyst from every direction, then leaving her fainted. He then growled. "I must leave now!" He growled, turning to Midnight. He then charged his Extreme Speed attack, dashing toward Midnight. Midnight curled up into a ball, trying to take as less damage as Possible. Midnight prepared for the attack, hoping to endure it.

The Arcanine smiled, once a foot from Midnight, but before he could attack he was stopped by A Psybeam Attack, followed by a Flamethrower. He then turned around to see Zenith. He growled, turning back to Midnight to see Phoenix, using Protect. He then frowned. "Ugh, I shall take my leave, but Midnight, I'm watching you." He growled. He then turned Into an Excadrill, drilling a hole into the earth's crust. Phoenix and Zenith gave a sigh of relief. Zenith walked over while Phoenix put down her protect. Zenith walked towards Amethyst, picking her up and placing her on his back. Phoenix turned to Midnight who was still curled up. She placed her paw on Midnight, shaking him. Midnight finally opened his eyes, then frowned. "Did we win?" He asked. "Well, No. Zoroark made it away with the Jewelry." Phoenix frowned. Midnight smiled. "No he didn't." He smirked. He uncurled himself to find the bag of jewelry. Phoenix smiled. "OMA! How?" She asked. "Well when Zoroark transformed Into Wailord, it was the perfect chance to take the bag, so I did." Midnight smiled.

Phoenix smiled back, then grabbing the Bag. "We can return this tomorrow, for now we need to get you two home." Phoenix sighed. Midnight smiled. He then used his strength to lift him up, then giving a smile. "Let's go." He smiled, standing on Three Paws, he walked back to the Driftblim Services, Phoenix and Zenith right behind. When the three made it, Midnight collapsed, a smile on his face.

"I'm watching you Midnight." Midnight thought of the phrase Zoroark said earlier. "He knows my name?" Midnight frowned. Zenith looked at Midnight's with worry. "We may have to put you in a protection program. That way your not a harm. I have them sign you up tomorrow. You're gonna need it." Zenith sighed. Midnight frowned, he wanted to oppose to Zenith, but simply couldn't, he was too tired, and wasn't looking forward to fighting the shapeshifting Monster. He simply sighed in response, waiting for the ride to finish, and to rest.

Soon they made it to the Guild, Phoenix helping Midnight up and into the guild, while Zenith was carrying Amethyst. Goodra frowned, watching the two ingured Members. Phoenix and Zenith didn't stop, but continued to The Room. Midnight used Psychic, sliding the key into the slot, unlocking the door. Phoenix and Zenith walked inside, placing them on their beds. Midnight smiled. "Thanks." He said, then closing his eyes. Zenith smiled, walking out. "Your Welcome." Phoenix smiled, walking out with Zenith. Shutting the door behind her.

Zenith sighed. "There not safe. Onky here for two days and someone already has a grudge on Midnight." Zenith frowned. "Maybe we should have him quit, for his own safety?" Phoenix frowned. "Sure, but we need to do so Tomorrow, we need some sleep too. K sis?" Zenith smiled. Phoenix nodded, then sighed
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