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Explorers of Sky ~ Bidoof's Wish

by StarDust Reverie

Jirachi and Bidoof -Explorers of Sky- (Chibi Style).png
StarDust Reverie For now I'll upload more of my drawings more often. I wanted to chibilize the protagonists of the special chapters of Explorers of Sky, chronologically, so I started with Bidoof and Jirachi. Not sure if I drew well the Badge, 'cause I have so many Psychic Pokémon, who play with me using Amnesia, and I'm very forgetful. a.e
Anyway, soon you'll see Sunflora, Team Charm, Grovyle and Dusknoir. :)
Here's the Trozei Chance(?): http://yukari-kaenbyou.deviantart.com/art/Jirachi-and-Bidoof-Explorers-of-Sky-Chibi-Style-622872345 (Jirachi and Bidoof -Explorers of Sky- (Chibi Style)
I hope you like it.