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Pokémon X Adventures: EVOLUTION EXPLOSIVE 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce evolves Fenniken
Bryce looks for trainers "hmmm" schoolboys and schoolgirls cover Bryce "EMBER!" Fenniken embers all the kids "level 15 can't wait anymore" sees Fenniken ember 1 Scatterbug (Fenniken is evolving!) "finally" Bryce says holding the evolving Fenniken (congrats you're fire fox turned into a human sized standing fire fox with a stick in its tail)
Bryces arms hit the ground and we're stuck due to Braxians weight "anyone help?" 1 hour of yelling "help" to get nurse joys attention later "ah what a relaxing day" nurse joy said while listening to Pokémon center music "huh I hear a yell for help" nurse joy took off her headphones "finally!" Bryce said with a happy face "Wigglytuff come out!" Nurse joy said while thinking "grab his body and try throwing it" Nurse joy had a plan for the man "oh noooooo!!!" Bryce said while he was in the air "go panpourtly!" (Yes that's his panpours nickname) "water gun!" Bryce landed safely due to panpourtly aiming the water gun down and the town is in puddles "I'm not gonna play in those! anyway I heard that there was a hat store here" Bryce said while he was dashing to the hat store "I'd like that black hat there!" Bryce said pointing to the Black Logo Hat (Bryce obtained the amazing hat!) "toooooo the gym!" Bryce ran to the gym "I'm back Viola!" To be continued
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